Dear Florian,

Is it possible to define the couplings at the Lagrangian level
as a function of other mass basis parameters, for example I was trying
for a U(1)B_L model where I am looking forward to replace
Lagrangian Level couplings L1, L2 with mass of the associated scalars
(say mh1, mh2, given as SHLA inputs), L3, vH and sin theta
(mixing between this U(1)_B-L scalar and the SM Higgs given
via SLHA input). I am also looking forward to replace the U(1)B_L
scalar's VEV vX with the aforesaid new inputs. I tried in different ways,
but getting some errors related to unequal string length etc..
I have divided the original LagnoHC in different parts for simplicity,
but failed to solve the problems. Looking forward to your advice,

Best regards,



While computing width of Higgs in Madgraph for MSSM which I have generated using SARAH-4.10.2, Madgraph displays the following error.

Command "compute_widths h1" interrupted with error:
KeyError : 'BSM'

This is because the keyword "BSM", located in "", is not defined. But I am not sure how to define it inside SARAH. Can any one point out how to define it? Is there any other reason for this error?

Thanks in advance


We are trying to run SM-CKM model in SARAH. This model file is running without error in Mathematica. But once we do MakeUFO, it displays that "{vu, vd} parameter is not defined in the parameter.m". It would be very much helpful if any one points out where is the error or we are missing something important.

Thanks in advance

Hi! Is the scotogenic model implemented in SARAH? I can't found it :C


I want to know how can we implement the higher representation of SU(2) in SARAH like quadruplet, quintuplet (Non-SUSY)?


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Hi Florian,

Using SARAH, how can one check for gauge coupling unification in case of mSUGRA models with very large universal scalar mass m_0?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Florian,

Is there any way to implement effective lagrangian in Sarah?!!

Thank you

Hello Florian,

I am studying the model UMSSM in SARAH-4.9.3, which is a general U(1) extension of MSSM where the charges of the SUSY fields ¨i¨ related to the new U(1) symmetry appear in the model file in a generic form like Q_i. Is it possible to redefine in SARAH all these charges in terms of a mixing angle of two U(1)' s gauge symmetries as seen in the Literature and create 1 new parameter which describes this mixing angle?

Thank you for your attention!

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