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Wow what a unique couple, they say two heads are better than one,I wonder what they do when they disagree,she covers up his head hehehe...."Nope", they kiss and make up!!! Now that's the one I like.
I love you to the moon and back babe and miss you crazy my sweetheart wife Josephine Kerns ummwaaaaaaaah ummwaaaaaaaah muuwaaaaaaaaah hmmmmmmmmm <3 <3 <3 <3

©All rights belong solely to Alan Kerns original music and romantic poetry my seal JAAS 2017

#sweethearts 4ever
#Josephine always
#Alan always

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What a beautiful couple by far
The day they married was born a new star
They were dressed in eloquent apparel
Two songbirds like a sparrow
They dazzel to the awesome crowd
To show that they were very proud
At last they tied the knot
All their dreams and all their thoughts
Forever and always I love you
Till the day I die I'll be true
A happy couple and God Bless you

I love you my beautiful wife Josephine Kerns and I miss you a lot !!!

Sealed in Jesus Name

©All rights belong solely to Alan Kerns original music and romantic poetry my seal *JAAS* 2017
#Proud of Josephine
#I miss you
#Restless nights.

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I'm sorry for doing this kind of post but i need too I'm trying to get to my other we've been able to visit once but I want to be with her please help me

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For you my dear friends... in the video below:

10 Cute things to text your boyfriend "on a long distance relationship"

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Our love crossed 8,469 miles❤

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Hi! I'm in a long distance relationship and i wrote a song for my girlfriend about our relationship and made a little video along with it to show her on valentine's day 😊 could you check it out please and maybe share it on your page 😊 it would make the two of us very happy ❤ thankyou 😋

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Tried my hand at writing fiction.

Hi brand new here..I am in my first long distance relationship.. I am looking foward twards our future... came here to seek advice and encouragement..

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Das sind unsere #Geschenkideen für Eure #Fernbeziehung! 🎁
#KISSENY wünscht Euch viel Spaß beim Verschenken 💝
#Geschenke #Liebe
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