Make your story become a legend*

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@2keternal7, @bravo44, @archangel470. Enjoy the surprise cameo’s ya’ll. Cuz this shit here, I’m not gonna lie was fun as hell. And I’m thinking of doing more, so stay tune for what I have in store next. :3
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Didn't this community die? What's with the recent surge of activity?

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"Spartans Never Die...The're just missing in action.."

While this is considered as a birthday gift for an old friend in the past, I’d like to also think of this as a bit of a tribute for SpartanB214 whose remained inactive for a pretty long time. A pretty disappointing thing really since we don’t exactly see much activity out of her, an awesome artist at heart and a good friend to chat with. Shame that had to end with her sudden disappearance, but one can only hope that it this sudden vanish from dA had allot of good reasons behind it.

Whelp, wherever you might be. Happy Birthday Ditz, I hope your having a great time.

can i be a sparion?

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Phew, boy this took longer than I thought LoL.

Anyways, here ya go ladies and gentlemen. Here are some emotes that I've had the pleasure of working on for a friend of mine back on deviantART; presenting one of her most iconic OC's; Isabel Dawson. A Spartan with style, ones that I most certainly enjoy allot heheh. >X) Aside from that, I'm going to be heading back to SFM to continue working on other projects I have in store for Isabel. Peace!

P.S: Sub/Dom Emotes have been censored as requested from Xenophile10 to avoid suggestive/rude comments regarding her OC.

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How long has it been since I've ever had time to do artwork related to Chloe's iconic Halo character; Spartan-213 Eris. Lovely lady with a great sense of excessive accessories, including her pet Eagle LoL. >XD I would have loved it if it were a Bald Eagle model, unfortunately I had to settle with a Far Cry Black Eagle model.

I'm also starting to take allot of interests with Pixlr's hidden options that I had no clue that it existed LoL, because these effects have made this artwork far more appealing than before heheh. >XD Aside from that, I'll be heading back to killing more goddamn kett in Mass Effect Andromeda. Hope ya guys like the artwork, and thus I shall depart! Chow!

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Several Screenshots that I've taken the liberty of doing allot of editing on, some of which were nothing more than a walk in the park with a few being quite a challenge of including a few things that you don't really see in the game. Aside from that, enjoy these images and should you ever wanna game with me on some Warzone Firefight; mah Gamertag is; CommanderNova26. :3
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"Hmph...Have you come here to die alone, Demon?"

"No...I came here in search of something ugly for me to stick my blade into...your eye socket seems like a decent spot; so lets start there...~"

Simply a little gift that I've been working on for a friend back on DeviantART. No doubt she'll most certainly enjoy seeing her baby back in the action of kicking some serious ass. >XD

Gamertag: CommanderNova26.
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