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pH scale
Most of the soils that we encounter are a combination of oils, dust, and dirt, and fall over the acid side of the scale. In order to clean a surface with acidic soiling, one would select a cleaner from the alkaline side of the pH scale, since an alkaline neutralizes an acid.

In cleaning a surface where a residue of water stains, or oxides, or in such instance where soap scum in a shower stall is found, an acid based cleaner, like Foamy Shower Care would be used to remove the buildup from the surface. Most of the acids used for cleaning purposes are mild solutions of diluted phosphoric or hydrochloric acid. In some cases a blend of acids might be offered as a cleaning agent since even at very high dilution rates can be quite harmful to human tissue as well as inanimate objects.

Some of the problems faced in the cleaning of hard surfaces and the type of soil problem are indicated below:

Example of Acid Soil Conditions - Requires Alkaline Cleaner
Motor Oils
Oily Hands
Diesel Oil
Cooking Oil
Dirty Walls
Fifth Wheels
Cigarette Tars
Axle Grease
Oil from Skin
Greasy Floors
If one can determine the basic soil condition, then selection of the correct product for cleaning is much easier.

Example of Alkaline Soil Conditions - Requires Acid Cleaner
Milk Stone
Metal Oxides
Water Spots
Ferrous Oxide (Rust)
Calcium Deposits
Inside of Dishwasher
Lime Deposits
Toilet Bowls
Uric Acid Salts
Dirty Shower Stalls

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Pet odor can make your house smell really bad and the most unfortunate thing is that even the potty trained pets can do their businesses in the wrong places and in the wrong time. The best thing you can do is hire a professional pet odor removing team and get rid of the stench in the house. Here is more

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Tiles and grouts are very difficult to clean with huge amount of dirt and grime that has accumulated in it. A professional team can help you clean your tiles and grouts thoroughly and replace the shine back on them. Know how a professional team can help you -

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Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Breakfast.

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A job we did today with the Brush Pro and HWE.. large screen view for this ..It has that WOW factor

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Sheen Cleaning is available 24/7 for all kinds of residential and commercial carpet cleaning solution in Miami and all over South Florida. We can help you clean and restore your carpets back to their previous state no matter how bad the situation is.

Give us a call anytime at 1-800-975-7710.

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When professional carpet cleaners come to your house to clean them make sure that they use environmental friendly and green cleaning solutions and techniques. This will ensure that not only your carpet is healthy, but the environment is, too. Know more about green cleaning solutions and how it keeps your carpets and you safe.

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🍂 Autumn is here and the wet weather can make it hard to keep on top of carpet cleaning with the damp, dirty footfall.

Check out our Santoemma range and get that clean carpet feeling.


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Carpets are such a beautiful addition to any home. They can instantly transform your house into a visually attractive place. They come in various stunning designs and eye-catching colors. Let Sheen Cleaners help you keep them in top notch condition with specific cleaning solution.

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4 Easy Do-It-Yourself Rug Cleaning Tips

Rugs are beautiful but keeping them clean and efficient all the time can be a very challenging especially with heavy foot traffic, and spills. The pet odor can also make your rugs dirty and unclean. Here are some easy to follow do-it-yourself rug cleaning tips for you.

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