In early 2013 I started working on a similar app and picked the name PacePlayer with a stylized P that looks like a runner. I stopped due to lack of time and difficulties with the audio. I recently started the project again, but I can see that I will have to come up with a new name...

Are you guys still working on this? I haven't been able to use the app for running for about a month or so now. It will still let me add songs to my play list, but if I try to run with it, it crashes the app everytime. I've been sending reports, but with nothing being done about it for over a month now I was starting to wonder if this was a project that you are even working on anymore. Also, if you are working on this, a select all button would be awesome when adding music to the play list. Thanks!

I finally got a device that should be able to run PacePlayer while i'm running. So I downloaded several mp3s (had gotten rid of those ever since Spotify) but none of them seem to satisfy PacePlayer :( Even the utlimate running song Doin It Right doesn't actually Do It Right! Please recommend some nice songs that do actually work?

Attempted to get the app on my phone, but said "item not found" in Google play after I became a tester!! Help!!

I just reset my phone and now I can't download paceplayer anymore, when I tap the play store link it takes me to a retry page every time

Note that before installing you need to join this community. This way Google understands you are in the BETA test group. If you don't do this the links won't work. Happy running! 

Celebrating 100+ (!!) Beta testers for PacePlayer, with a new and improved version of the Android app!

With your help and feedback, we improved almost every aspect of the application. We want to thank all of you for that, and encourage you to install this new version of PacePlayer (Beta 0.8) and run some extra miles. If you are in this G+ community, which is now open for everyone, you can become a Beta tester and download the app from the Google Play store.

Become a tester:
Download from Play store:

What's new in #PacePlayer #BETA 0.8:
- Automatically skip to better song when BPM differs too much from current pace.
- Introducing 'Heartbeat': plays metronome when no songs are suitable at current pace.
- Metric / imperial setting (thanks for suggesting +Giampaolo Frello).
- Implement import of external playlists, like m3u files (thanks for suggesting +Nick Fraser).
- Improved song analyzing, now finds BPM of even more songs in your library.
- Add 'help' info to homescreen and playlist screen, explain suitability.
- Redefine suitability indication (based on your feedback - thanks!).
- Correct handling audio focus, like incoming calls and incoming text messages.
- Automatically pause playback when removing headphones.
- Countless layout improvements #holoyolo .
- Dramatically increase analyze song speed.
- Fix half / double speed playback (thanks +Greg Szuch).

App time running then i will use the app..

Great idea for an app!

Is there a way to use existing playlists from other apps instead of having to recreate them on PacePlayer?

Over half my library of music is said to be unavailable, what does this mean?
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