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Hey, again i love snype, but have you ever tried it with lightning launcher? It has some bugs based on lightnings app drawer i believe. I have to open the drawer to refresh the icons in snype often. And the favorites at the bottom do not save and remain there in snype panels after a while from setting them.


I just uploaded a new version which includes some bug fixes as well as a new feature: Favourites bar.

To add apps/contacts to the favourites bar long-press them and select "Add to favourites". To remove them from the bar or reorder the favourite items use a long-press on items in the bar.

Let me know if there are any issues!

Just sneaked out a second update for today which adds to the previous update of a favourites bar. Now the side panels contain a title bar as well. Enjoy!

I was having a crash issue before and after 1.2, but i Uninstalled then reinstalled and everything is good now.

It's there a way to exclude certain apps from the snype list? Perhaps even make them excluded unless searched with the search bar?

+Jarom Leneham

I've used nearly every quick app launcher on the market, and I must say yours is by far the best. I was lucky to have found it on reddit one day in a random post.
My wife uses my phone often. When she picks it up, she always asks how to launch "that aimer app."

We love it.
Thank you!

Hi everyone!

I just uploaded beta version 1.2.0 to Google Play, which should be available within the next few hours. Included in this update:

• NEW FEATURE: Side panels, which allow instant access to Snype no matter which app you are in! As soon as you press in one of the touch zones you are instantly able to start scrolling the index. There is no faster way to access your apps or contacts!

• Use high resolution icons for apps/contacts where available

• Performance improvement on loading lists

• Other minor changes

The app data will need to be re-cached again for this update to update to hi-res icons (if they are available).

Of course, if you find anything that doesn't work as you would expect, please let me know!

Hi awesome beta testers!

Exciting news! An update to Snype has just been published which adds the following features:

• Customisation of lists for apps and contacts, including grid mode
• Handle apps with more than one launchable activity
• Miscellaneous index section
• Bug fixes

List customisation is a premium feature. As thanks for the excellent feedback I have received from this community, I have made the price for the premium upgrade $0.99 for the beta period.

When you run the app for the first time after this update the data will need to be re-cached. That's just because I have changed the way something works. This will not usually happen after an update.

As always, let me know if you find anything that isn't working as it should!

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Here's an idea. The drawer can be swiped away to either side, to close the drawer.
Like a Google Now card.
This will be useful if we decide to stay in the current app anyway.

Deleting last character from search box closes keyboard - bug or feature? And would it be possible to show last searched app at start, with preselected text in search box, so we can start new search immediately, without deleting old one first?

Any chance for widgets?
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