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So Some in Oregon want to follow the Socialist Republic Of Kalifornia huh?

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Good Grief!

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March is here! It is planning month. Do I burn the points while can still physical do the hunt or do I just get another point?

Preference Points, either have to many or not enough, but never just right. In speaking with different hunters, it seems that many have just been saving points without a hunt to targeted or a unit to draw for. In the case of many they have gotten to many points now, which isn’t a bad thing except you may have spent a couple of hundred dollars of you kids college fund then you needed to. (Remember points are another one of those things that you can’t take with you. Worse yet the older you get the more likely you are to not be able to physically endure the hunt you have dreamed of all of your life.) In Colorado we have had extremely mild winters for the last 5 years, this means that there are more top end animals out there than ever before. One Bad winter could change that because winter is harder on the older animals.

There are set point requirements for each unit/GMU that you hunt. In looking at the stats you will see where 1 person put in for a hunt and burned 18 points where everyone else only burned 4. It is ok just don’t tell the kids.

Now no matter if it is elk or deer don’t set you hunting season by your work schedule. Set your hunt date on the best season to hunt a given area. The goal for deer for instance is 4th season rut if at all possible. I have big deer areas that you can draw a 4th season rut tag with only 4 points, so why do you have 18 points.
Because it was easier to just keep putting in for points than to make a decision where to hunt.

The other thing I always look at is a guided hunt, or a national forest public land display of blaze orange. If I spent that many years of my life collecting points, and putting out the annual bucks, a guided hunt is a slam dunk idea. You only have so many 18 years in a life time, and you spent yours.

Elk of course you want the September rut, archery or muzzleloader to catch the rut. Now if you are archery challenged like myself and don’t qualify for a Colorado Crossbow, we need to look at the first rifle or a late season winter migration hunt. Not like normal rut hunts you nee4d to plan on deep snow. The big bulls don’t migrate down in the winter like the cows and other bulls, they have no rut waiting for them in the bottom with all the girls. So the guys hang up in the high ground. The thing to remember is there won’t be a big high density on trophy bulls so don’t plan of seeing a lot of elk but the ones you will see will be big.

Now read every magazine and web page from here to Alabama and get told about how would recommend what he shot a good bull here and on and on. The real story is the guy that shot the big one began the drop-in trophy animals in that area. By the end of that year they have pretty well cleaned out the senior citizens and every Nimrod with a rifle will be going there for the next 6 years thinking he will be the first one in there after the story.

You know what matters the most? It is the actual ground that YOU WILL be hunting on, not the whole GMU stats provided to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife by only the ones that want to tell the world about this great hunting spot.
How many hunters volunteer the location where they shot a 360 bull to the world?

This is where science and good judgement takes over.
Start with an area that takes points of course that is where the life of a buck or bull is longer.
Then get an honest outfitter that outfits in that area, since he has made his life and reputation on the biggest bulls he can find.
Now hope that he is not already booked up.

Here is where the season part takes effect. Different season take different points.
If you are a rifle hunter only than you have 4 seasons. If you want to try todays long range in-line muzzleloader like I shoot, it can help with an elk but for deer 4th season is the magic.

I don’t want to fill in all the blanks and of course you know how many points you have. Select a unit that you have 2 points over what they drew on last year to cover point creep and gypsy hunters that hunt a different area every year.

I have listed some and have others that I recommend. It is all about good decisions, then you can spend more of the kids money to have it mounted.

If you have an animal like elk in mind let me know so I can focus on you or your groups hunt desires and budget. If you have points that are eating a hole in your pocket we have places to take animals that were worth the wait!!

Just a few highlights are Mule deer guided on Private property for only $1995, no points required.

Wyoming Guided Antelope with Meals and lodging hunting on 30,000 acres of prime private property, $ 1495

Wyoming combo Deer and Antelope guided on private property for only $ 3000 and ad an antelope for $ 995 in combo no points required..

Utah Mule Deer guided with lodging. on acres and acres of private land alfalfa, $ 3495 no points required.

Planning on filling the freezer we have next winter cow elk hunts on private land and guided, 99% success.

Colorado semi-guided antelope for only $ 995 on 30,000 acres.

US and Canadian Black Bear hunts with Color phase and black color black bears for spring, the best time.

Get a guaranteed whitetail hunt. Iowa or Missouri discounted down to only $ 1595 for a week. no points required in MO.

Colorado elk, guided, meals and lodging plus a 1-hour horse ride into the backwoods for just $ 2495. no points required.

Colorado Unguided elk hunt, we call semi-guided for 9 days for only $ 1295, no points required.

Merriam’s, Rio Grande, Osceola, eastern and Nebraska Turkey hunt in 7 different states, hunt the one you want, guided or unguided, just let me know what and where. no points required.

2 more South East Colorado Elk, a bull and a cow, $1795 broken horn bull with a big body and a good size cow, $1595. Shoot Bull in Feb/March, no $650 Colorado Elk License required.

New Mexico free ranging cow elk hunts on the New Mexico border in December 2018 $1595 and $350 for the NM license.

Currently all the seasons are closed but it would be nice to take the family, kids, cousins on a hunt. Not a difficult one or expensive one just a day with rifles, family and a good time.

Eastern Colorado, Huge aggressive Broken horn bull elk $1895, Cow elk $1695, Ram $495, then the extremely large trophy class Aoudad for just a little over $2000 with 26” horns and yes even hogs, or water buffalo. It is the time of the year when the ranch owner wants to lighten his feed bill, and to you favor you can do some rifle, crossbow, bow, muzzleloader shooting and take-home meat, that you didn’t fill this fall. The meat can be cut just like beef, or always into ground beef-Hamburger, or even sausage or jerky. These prices are discounted because of his winter feeding load, it is an opportunity.

We even have African Texas Long Horn with huge horns, called a Watusi, along with a Water Buffalo, tastes just like a Bison, or what we call a Buffalo.

This is a great way to help build your son or daughters hunting and shooting skills. In teaching hunting and shooting I have always found that you want you student to be successful no matter what the first 2 or 3 hunts so that they can weather the storm when hunting is difficult, which they will have from time to time with free ranging animals. Get some good successful hunts under their belt and they will be more resilient to continuing his or her hunting adventures with you.

A man once explained to me what opportunity was all about:
The Road of Life is Paved with Flat Squirrels that missed the opportunity to go on the hunt of their life, and sat on their hands waiting for the unknown. Don’t be a squirrel, don’t miss the opportunity, you only get a set amount of opportunities presented to you in life.

Or you can always send this email out to your hunting buddies and let them coordinate this fall hunting trip(s) instead of you doing all of the work.

These are just a few that are available now but will book up in the next two weeks. Many times, we will be down to only a few of these because they will fill up during the next 2-3 weeks. The later it gets the fewer choices that are available. We provide hunts for over 500 hunters each year, the bad part is that in the next 3 weeks 40% of the hunt we have will fill up.

Are you looking for land to lease for hunting get on our lease program and hunt your property instead of mine? If your goes south we will take it back and you can hunt mine from your lese payment and any year after that.

If you want on my preferred Pro-Staff so you can see the deals as they come out just let me know. If you have a specific hunt but need to talk to your hunting buddy’s first but would like some information on a particular hunt just let me know and I will send some to you to go over with your group.

Greg Merriam
Hunting Adventures and Vouchers
Discounted Hunts LLC CEO
The Hunting Consultant with Hunting Connections
The Best Hunts @ The Best Prices
Success levels far above almost all other Outfitter Hunts
The Home of the Senior Hunter Minimal Impact Hunt
1204 Button Rock Drive
Longmont, Co 80504
303-776-7528 Voice
303-746-1214 Cell Phone
An American Company and Proud of it
Web Page:
Skype: DiscountedHunts

We provide hunts averaging 10% to 45% off available just ask we build hundreds of happy hunters in 28 states and Canada every year with Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, Moose, sheep, exotics, and even hogs. All hunts subject to license availability and on a first come first serve basis.

The Road of Life is Paved with Flat Squirrels that missed the opportunity to go on the hunt of their life, and sat on their hands waiting for the unknown.
Don’t be a squirrel, don’t miss the opportunity, you only get a set amount of opportunities presented to you in life.

Would you like to get on THE DISCOUNTED HUNTS PRO-STAFF LIST and see the VOUCHERS, LEASES AND SPECIAL DISCOUNTED HUNTS before they even make the web page? Then contact me by EMAIL: or 303-776-7528. I will place you on the highly informative for the hunter the Preferred Hunters List or Discounted Hunts Pro-Staff List.

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