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Only for a world champion with 1700 victory that can use the title Doctor of Champion (DCh) or others requirements!

Others Requirements:
1. Football field: a world champion with 1700 goals
2. Basket Ball: a world champion with 40,000 points (with considered "the runner up" have more than 200,000 award!)
3. A world champion for 30 years.
4. A Olympics Champion  for 7-times + 2 years
5. A world champion for 15 years to pay copyright title for Doctor of Champions (DCh) or Master of Champions (MCh)
6. A  World Champion with 850 goals or 20,000 points to pay copyright title for DCh or MCh
7. A Olympics Champions with 4-times to pay copyright.
8. A human not animals, numbers, letters, plant, color or words can beat me!

                          by the Creator

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Be careful, your bad reputation is the transfer of football players including human trafficking crimes, and not my victory record is too mighty for your football legends"

by the World Champion
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