Is there print edition of this game? Is there a plan for this?

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Ok, so shameless promo here:

I've started a blog on tabletop gaming, more specifically gaming with children. I'm going to focus on game recaps as well as reviews and articles on gaming with children. I will also touch on methods of getting non-gamers into the hobby.

My goal is to cover tabletop RPGs as well as board games since these are the types of games played in my house. I'm hoping that others can use this information not only to spread our hobby to the younger generations but also to break the commonly held notion that tabletop RPGs are all D&D and board games are all Monopoly and Clue.

Anyways, have a look if you'd like and feel free to leave comments, suggestions or critiques as you see fit, and thanks!
Gaming with Kids
Gaming with Kids

My friends and I are playing a homebrew sci-fi hack of Maze Rats. My goal is to keep the game as close to the spirit and rules of Maze Rats as possible. Almost as if it is in the same universe, but just a little bit in the future.

I have kept the paths in the games as is, but I am adding two new paths. One path for piloting and another for computer hacking. Instead of naming them piloting and hacking I wanted to create names for the paths that fit in with the Maze Rat universe. I was wondering if maybe you guys, in your infinite creativity, had some suggestions on better sounding names?

This is the best I have come up with so far (codesmith is clearly a rip off of fingersmith and I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing):

Void Jockey
Piloting, driving, ship and vehicle repair

Programming, hacking, gathering data

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I have recently bought Maze Rats and it is the RPG I have always wanted! Only one hitch, my friends and I are playing a science fiction themed game. So, we lightly hacked Maze Rats to play Scifi. To fit the theme of a sci-fi Maze Rats game I crudely pieced together a more sci-fi feeling character sheet. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone else would want to use it (my photoshop skills are weak so if someone wants to improve on it or point me in the direction of a better one I would be overjoyed). Thank you Ben Milton for the awesome game!

Ran my first MR game today. Had a long drive with my daughters (5 and 9, some Whitebox and Whitestar exposure). We created characters before we hopped on and I GMd from the front seat while they rolled in the back seat (Contortionist and Rat-Hunter sisters dressed in lace, go figure). They had a blast, securely navigated the exploding fire trap, defeated the skeleton robber queen and returned with the 100 gp they needed to save the ranch from the corrupt Viscount. Thanks Ben for this exquisitely simple source of fun.

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This just popped up on my youtube feed. Made me think of doing some add on tables for Maze Rats. It's the closest analog to real life for this game I've seen or heard of.

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*EDIT quelqu'un a déjà commencé à travailler dessus* For the french-speaking wing of this community:
Qui serait intéressé·e par une traduction en français de « Maze Rats » ?

(à condition que j'arrive à trouver le temps de travailler dessus ET que je puisse récupérer une version texte exploitable - le PDF de base n'autorise pas la le Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V - mais je pense qu'en contactant +Ben Milton j'arriverai à avoir une version utilisable)

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There's a Maze Rats Play-by-Post going on right now on if any of you are interested. It's called "Settlement of Sun and Moon", and we two slots open at the moment.

"You find yourself waking up on a small tribal settlement located in a vast wilderness. Will you be able to lead these people into a new age of knowledge, or go for something greater (or more devious?)"

How do you ususally rule lighting when the adventurers go into a dungeon? Does one of them have to give up one hand and carry the torch/lamp the whole time?


I've been making a modified version of Maze Rats for use in my campaigns, and wanted to share one of the feats I created! This feat will allow characters to replicate the abilities of a bard, hopefully in a fun and engaging way. Each time a character chooses this feat, they learn a new composition.


- As an action, you may begin a composition.
- For a number of subsequent rounds equal to your character level, you may continue the composition by spending your action.
- If you take damage while focusing on playing a composition, you must succeed a DEX danger roll, or immediately end the composition.
- You may extend the number of rounds your composition can last by succeeding a WIL danger roll each round you wish to continue.
- Compositions affect a number of characters equal to your character level, or fewer.
- Compositions can only affect creatures within 60 feet of you.
- Creatures can choose to fail their saves against compositions.


- Brown Note: succeed STR danger roll or become sickened; gain disadvantage on danger and attack rolls for the duration.

- Palliative Performance: Feel immediately better; gain advantage on danger rolls to overcome disease or poison

- Quicken: succeed WIL danger roll or become invigorated; two actions each round for the duration. Afterward, succeed STR danger roll or fall unconscious for 1d6 rounds.

- Lethargic: succeed WIL danger roll or become lethargic for the duration; one action OR movement a round, but not both.

- Lullaby: characters have advantage on danger rolls to avoid waking up sleeping characters affected by this composition.

- Dancing Doll: succeed WIL danger roll or begin dancing for the duration, gaining +2 armor as you move around, but -2 to all attack rolls as you become less inclined to harm others.

- Heartstring Tug: succeed WIL danger roll or become charmed by the composer and their allies for the duration. While charmed, a creature cannot attack the charmer. Creatures attacked by you or your allies become immediately unaffected by the composition, and remain so for 24 hours.

- Frightening Tune: succeed WIL danger roll or become frightened by the composer and their allies for the duration. While frightened, a character cannot willingly move closer to the source of its fear.

- Battle Hymn: succeed WIL danger roll or become inspired for the duration. While inspired, a character gains advantage on attack rolls.

- Peaceful Platitudes: succeed a WIL danger roll or become less belligerent for the duration. While placated, you must succeed a WIL danger roll each round or be unable to attack that round.

- Synesthesia: succeed a WIL danger roll or see an illusion of the composer's choice for the duration. Each subsequent round, make another WIL danger roll or continue to believe the illusion is real.

- All Eyes on Me: succeed a WIL danger roll or be transfixed on the composer for the duration. Your allies have advantage on danger rolls to avoid being noticed by targets of this composition.

- Pied Piper: succeed a WIL danger roll or become charmed by the composer for the duration. As a free action on their turn the composer can suggest a course of action, such as “follow me”, and the target must succeed a WIL danger roll on subsequent rounds or do what the composer says during their next turn.

- Anthem of Independence: succeed a WIL danger roll or for the duration you gain advantage on danger rolls against mind-controlling effects. This spawns an immediate save if currently under the effects of a mind control effect.

I appreciate any feedback! :)

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