Valen? (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Hey Ivy what's Up?

Leo: Everyone ok -3-
Raph: Mmmm..(Jealousy)

I want to tell winter something, till she understands how many ppl she has hurt i will not be mentioning her, she has hurt loads of ppl that looked up to her or even ppl she called "Friends" so please winter understand that you've hurt me

I really miss this place ;-;

Guess who didn't commit suicide and returned? i decided cause on animal jam a friend told me u guys wanted me to come back

Do people still post here? Because this community seems very in active =\

To Ivy: How much do u love Twig, drake and blake (1-100%)

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For clock work :3

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Sagie =3 my fav
Ivy: =(
Sage: =D

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ivy's new look

sadly she got shot in the heart but

she lived
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