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PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL THE LINKS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION IF YOU ARE NEW HERE! Hello and welcome to the role play community for the Harry Potter Universe. In this universe it is set twenty years after the events of Deathly Hallows. Any questions feel free to ask a moderator. We currently have one Parselmouth and there will be no more for the time being.

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Every person in the world can relate ......

Hi, me again, sorry! Can I have more than one "student" at a time "enrolled"?

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((Open RP))

It's been about a week since people were put into their houses, started to know their classes, and their boundaries. But then again one student as already been set out to be a troublesome kid, the first year Angel O'Hara, all week he only shown up to two classes and skipped rest. The two classes he bothered to only show up to were Defense Against The Dark Arts and Potions while the rest of his classes he skipped and went off to hill over looking Hagrid's house. He is just sitting down against one the stones with his pet boa constrictor coiled up next him enjoying what little view he has when he hears someone coming. He presses himself against the stone while grabbing his cane and waits forever the person is to go when...
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Um yes, hello! Sorry, but I didn't see anything on werewolves..... If say, I wanted to be one, how would I go abou doing so if possible. If not, will there be limits to how many animagi there are here?

Zoe was looking around in the massive library, looking for the daily book. (Open for : +Mira Winters)

Animagus transformation for Angel O'Hara

During the last two months before Angel O'Hara started school at Hogwarts. Angel O'Hara had been reading on a lot about of how to be an Animagus. Once Angel gotten enough information about what to do, what it would be like going through the first transformation. Angel wanted to know what be was getting into before he even asked his parents to get registered or even get him the the things he is required to have to become an Animagus. So once he got done with all the reading, he finally got up enough courage to go ask his parents.

Angel speaking in Russian Mom, Dad I have been thinking that maybe you guys will let me be an Animagus. But before you disagree or agree, just know that I took the responsibility of reading on what it will be like, how to register and how to become one.

Angel's Mom Well, if took that much time to read on the subject I'm fine with it but know I'm not taking you to the ministry of magic to get you registered.

Angel's Dad It is fine with me but same thing with me I won't be taking you to the ministry to get you registered you'll have to go get your own way to the ministry.

Angel Fine... I guess I'll go become one of those unregistered Animagus then. Then you know I'll be sent to azkaban and be there for a while so it's your choice.

Angel's Mom Fine... Michael take him to the ministry and get him registered.

Angel and his father once they arrived at the ministry and at the registering center. Michael, Angel's father, grabbed the registering papers for being an Animagus, he hands straight to angel and walks away leaving Angel to fill it out.

Angel talking to himself as he is left filling out the papers Got to love my father. Leaving me to do this.

Once he signed all the proper places where he needed to sign, he walked up to the man who was taking in the papers and approving them. Once he hands the paper, the man looks it over and sets it aside

Man It looks all good. Now what you need to do is put this mandrake leaf in your mouth and leave it in for a month. If you lose it we will not give you a second one.

Angel Understood and thank you.

The man handed Angel the leaf, once he got the leaf, angel immediately put it in his mouth, the taste of the leaf was awful but angel was quite use to it, he has eaten rotted cabbage and snails. Angel was use to awful tasting stuff. Angel soon walked over where his father was

Angel All right I'm registered and got the mandrake leaf in my mouth now I have to wait until a month I'm a fully an Animagus.

Michael Right. Let's go home then.

Once they got home, angel went straight back to his room and began to read a book, something he'll do to help past time, along with reading a lot of stuff about becoming an Animagus. Some things he did not look forward to like the extreme pain.

When the month grew close to the end, the taste of the mandrake leaf started to become less and less bearable he wanted to puke but he knew this is part of process but worse of all it was getting close to the end of the dreadful process. He knew by tomorrow the aches and pain will begin. He was right tomorrow he the pain had begun, and he didn't exactly find it entertaining.

Then real pain began the day after which soon he knew it was time to take the leaf out, but as he did he dropped off to the ground in pain, as he back legs soon started to change, where knee were reversed, his feet shortened in length painfully transforming in paws, a tail soon grew from his rear, patches white of fur with black stripes soon started to grow all over his body, while his ears took a more pointed shape and moved up his head to the near top. His hands slowly turned into that of paws as the fur now completely covered his body, he layed there now in his Animagus form, a white tiger. But soon his parents came in came in helping angel up to his feet. Now having to show him how to walk, run, and climb in this new form of his. Once he mastered that he knew that his transformation was complete, but he soon got the thought of what will happen at his new found school he was about to begin if everyone knew he was an Animagus? So decided that no one will know of his secret unless he absolutely trusted them.

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Lore stands on a hill in her German Shepherd form. She got an anonymous tip that her dad would go there to think. She was walking back when she saw you and
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