... Ok, this community isn't turning out too well...

Wise Ones: 

Ash Soul I am only the ashes left from the fire. The true me has gone to join the World of the Dead a long time ago. (basic information: she cat, blind, got burned in a forest fire, dark grey fur) OC belongs to: Me

Just leave me alone. You don't understand. You weren't rejected by your own mother or constantly bullied as a kit were you?

Name: I hate it. My name is Half Face.

Rank: I am a Hunter.

Skills: Hunting.

Mother: I don't even consider her as my mother because of what she has done to me. Her name is Dew Drop.

Gender: I am a tom.

Personality:Quiet. But there is rage burning inside me, as well as hatred. Hatred that is directed towards Dew Drop...

Appearance: Oh, yes, why am I called Half Face and why did my mother reject me? Simply because I am small and weak, and half of my face is black and the other brown. one of my eyes is blue, the other green. She never told me that was why, but I can guess

Bio: I believe i just explained it to you.

So, I rejected Half Face, big deal. I have my reasons. if you only knew, you would understand.

Name: Dew Drop

Rank: I am a Fighter.

Skills: Fighting.

Kits: Half Face.

Personality: Arrogant.

Bio: As a kit, my dreams where haunted by cats with starry pelts; They never said who they were, but they told me one thing: "Beware your own kin. They will betray you." The message couldn't be clearer.

Appearance: Grey pelt, green eyes.

Welcome to our community! Here's a "short" introduction by Ash Soul. (Yes, you must read it.)

We are the cats who roam in the forest. We live alone and fend for ourselves, but that does not keep us from making friends with other cats and sharing prey with them. I have been here for a long time, and I am considered as a “Wise One” in the forest. I know every cat as well as I know every tree, stone and river of our territory. We all have different names, some long, some short, and some have no name, like me. But most cats call me Ash Soul. There are few “Wise Ones” like me. We have many healthy kits who are generally named at one moon old and trained by their father or by a friend of their mother or father. Their names do not usually ever change. They can be trained to become “Ones who heal”, “Ones who hunt”, or “Ones who fight” (Healers, Hunters, or Fighters.) Sometimes we fight among ourselves for prey, but usually it’s pretty peaceful. When we all face a same danger, the “Wise Ones” call a meeting. We always discuss the meetings among ourselves first, obviously. We are all strong and live to survive.


1.No spam. If you spam, you will get a warning, and if you get two warnings you're banned.

2. You must read the rules. When you create a profile, tag me and Write: I have read the rules and understood them. (if it is the case. If you didn't understand them, tell me)

3. It is forbidden to post other communities on here.

4. No swearing.

5. No abbreviations in RP. In discussion, they are allowed.

6. No other animals than cats can be used as OCs.

7. No OP or unnatural OCs (example: red eyes, flying, powers, rainbow fur...)

8. Do not kill someone else's OC without their permission.

9. No Cannon Characters (meaning no cats from the Warriors series.)

10. You may not use someone else's OC, wether he/she posted it on this community or not.

11. When using someone else's art for your OC, give credit to that person.

12. You must either post a pic or a description of your cat.

13. Only moderators can be "Wise Ones".

14. Do not ask to be moderator.

15. OC must be accepted owner (so me) before RPing

16.  If your OC does not respect these rules or the format, the post will be deleted.

17. Only I can post in the Rosters category.

Thanks for reading! You will find a roster in the Rosters category.

I am only the ashes left from the fire. The true me has gone to join the World of the Dead a long time ago.

Name: I have no name. I lost everything in the forest fire, including my name, my sight, my brother and my dignity. What? You say you need a name that you can give me when you talk to me? I don't want to talk to anyone. sighs Okay, okay. Most cats call me Ash Soul.

Rank: I'm a Wise One.

Age: Rather young to be a Wise One

Skills: I can heal. But I can't hunt or fight.

Sibling: My poor brother Dark Moon who died in the fire.

Gender: She cat, of course.

Personality: Okay, I admit I am a bit grumpy. I am quiet and reserved, which doesn't keep me from having a sharp tongue. I am easily offended and am very impatient with kits.

Bio: I used to be a happy kit, boasting about how I would become the best fighter in the forest. But things soon changed when my brother Dark Moon and I got caught in the forest fire. Part of me survived, but the other part and my brother died. See what I mean? Half of my face was burned, and on other parts of my body several lumps of fur are missing. They will never grow back. I am blind now, too, which makes me useless.

When are you going to start posting your OCs?

Requests are currently closed, Art Trades are always open. :3
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