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Welcome to the Beta testing sandbox for QR Sync. Feedback is encouraged.

If you haven't already, visit the testing URL to get started.

When providing informations please specify the App version and if possible attach screenshots.
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[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.6
- Added a vibration on code found, you can disable it in the settings.

- Fixed some translations

[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.5
- Added Norwegian translations (thanks to +Siddharth Dushantha)
- Added Login and Register dialogs

- Fixed some views leaking
- Preferences prompted to restart the app even after no changes.

[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.4:
- Contact codes could not be saved from version 3.1+.

[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.3:
- Added French translations (thanks to +Gaëtan LE HEURT-FINOT)

[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.2:
- Sharing the content of a code had the wrong text

[Changelog] QR Sync 3.1.1:
- Added notes to the main screen for quicker access.
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