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I have tinkered with the categories, there is now a misc roleplay section, and also 3 universes, each canon to the full multiverse.
Once a story has been established in one universe, you can only post things related to that story there.if we need more universes, I can always add more.

A message to the guardian of the archives!
When writing stories, make sure you specify which universe they are from.

Seems like no one has posted in a while how is this place

Hi I'm new! Can someone help me? How does this all work?

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Hey this is my setup for my community, come join and RP!!!
My name is Donavan, I like to RP and I use a specific character every time, he is somewhat a lot like me in a way... anyway I created him a very long time ago and use him in all my RP's which include The Realm of far.... I would really like for a lot of people to join in, so here is my character description:

Name: Donavan
Age: I won't go into detail, it is over 18,000 years...
Physical Appearance: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205 Lbs
Race: Dragonoid (The fabled Infinity Dragon/ Furian Blood)
Nicknames: The child of The Realm/ The man with the indestuctable left hand/ Donny/ Don
Appearance: Usually wearing cargo shorts and a T- Shirt, laid back. Unless it is a formal event, then I am usually in full royal armory of The Realm of Hunting(It's really pretty, hard to draw!!! : (.........)
Description: I get along with others, trust issues, stick to myself a lot and TRAIN almost 24/7 they say... I am always improving myself!! I love to hang with family, especially my Fairy Tail Family!!! I can be loud and obnoxious, but mostly I am calm/ quiet.

Have any questions? comment below and I can take care of any comments/ concerns/ and or questions there!! Thanks a bunch,

Donavan, The Realm

taro tripped over and fell down the stairs

(Open rp)

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Hey guys i am new here, but hey come join and roleplay with meh!!!!! Feel free to ask lots of questions!!

guys y u no use dis communitay

Sorry I haven't been on here a lot D: I've been pretty busy with stuff

hi im new here but feel free to chat with me on hangouts if you want to rp
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