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I started this community as a response to a discussion I got into with some Libertarians on a post somewhere. (
In that post, to prove a point, I wrote a story as a thought experiment. Here it is:

I am not a libertarian. In fact, I think the libertarian “philosophy” is a steaming, stinking load of hooey. But in a discussion/argument online with some libertarians, I suggested to them that they are all critics, and that is the main problem with the libertarian “philosophy” and with libertarians in general, namely that they whine, complain and criticize A LOT, but they don’t offer anything that sounds vaguely like a practical, realistic replacement for the state of things that they like to complain about, mostly because they CAN’T make such an offer.
So to prove that, I suggested to them that they should consider a thought experiment – namely to imagine a situation in which doughboys returning from WW1 in 1918 carried out a revolution against the government which forcibly drafted them, had sent them to charge through poison gas clouds against machine guns and artillery, in waves to the slaughter, and which shot them as deserters if they refused.
Of course, the idea of libertarians conducting a thought experiment was somewhat foreign to them, they don’t think so much as they complain and criticize, so they wouldn’t make the effort. So here I am, doing it for them, just to show ‘em what libertarian society might look like in the real world, and where it might have led us if it had started about 100 years ago.

Chapter One - 1918
We did not arrive until late in the war, the flesh and bones of millions of men like us rotting in the mud to be found everywhere we cared to look. So after the first few artillery barrages and the second “attack”, it was clear to me that this was absurd. Charge in waves against artillery, machine guns and poison gas? Thousands of casualties a day, hundreds of wounded men screaming all night in no mans land, and no observable gains or objectives achieved? And if you have the sense to stand up and walk away, they shoot you? And meanwhile, they try to tell us that we are doing our patriotic duty? It doesn’t take a genius to see that there is something seriously wrong with this scenario.
Then, within a couple of months, we heard that the Russians had pulled out of the war because there had been a workers revolution, that the Czar and his family were dead. So it was really easy to make the connection and the case in my fellow doughboys minds – the war was pointless, but it was almost over and we were going home in a few months, so why not make a revolution of our own? And if the government wanted to kill us, why not kill them instead? So we started passing the rules down the line –
Rule #1, don’t talk about this with officers.
Rule #2, when you get home, the first time and every time somebody from the government tells you what to do, find out who they are and where they live, and kill them, as quietly and anonymously as possible.
Rule #3, when this story gets out in the newspapers, cut all the telegraph and telephone lines near you and blow up at least one railroad bridge or tunnel. Keep on destroying stuff that helps the government to do what it does. Keep on assassinating any and all government figures who try to exert their authority in any way. If they surround you, don’t let ‘em take you alive and kill as many of ‘em as you can before you go.
Rule #4 – stick with it from now on for as long as you can walk, don’t ever let anybody who tries to tell you what to do live for more than a week.
And that was it – four fairly simple rules – it didn’t take a lot of planning or support systems and it was kind of modeled after the anarchists assassinations of nobility and royalty that had started this crazy war in the first place. And the fact that we were all soldiers and that there were hundreds of thousands of us helped, ‘cause when our fellow soldiers came after us at home, their hearts were not in it.
So it worked. Most of us were home by sometime in 1919, and by the fall of 1920, the government, both the federal and state governments all over the country, were all history. They couldn’t find anybody to do the work of government, since anyone who tried soon died, so they couldn’t do anything, so they just quit trying. Within a matter of a few months, there was no government in what used to be the United States.

Chapter Two – Twenty Years Later – 1940
Since this whole thing was my idea - strange how much an idea, shared in the right place at the right time, can change things in a big way – I figured I should write down what has happened since. It has been wild, that is for sure. Just for starters, for a few years early on, the South rose again and slavery was back! And some of the Indian tribes are still making it difficult to get the railroads up and running again. And the anarchists are still killing anyone who makes any kind of success in business!
But other things are not so much problems as just plain interesting. There is a huge chunk of what used to be Utah where older men have thirty or forty wives, if they want ‘em! And on the coast of what used to be southern California, nobody wears clothes most of the time, and a lot of ‘em are addicted to opium. Lots of the southwest have gone back to drinking, gambling, whoring and gunfighting too! And I don’t even know where to begin to talk about the war between Mexico and Southern New Mexico/West Texas! Remember the Alamo? Well, it’s déjà vu all over again!
Then there’s the four United Puritan States in the far Northeast – talk about making life difficult! Those folks spend so much time in church it is amazing that they have any time to do anything to feel guilty about! And getting back to the south, the story with them is just the opposite – those folks down there rarely have many branches in their family trees, and their girls are usually married off by 12 years old. And, for some reason, Philadelphia has been taken over by men who favor other men, or boys, like the ancient Greeks used to.
In general, anybody who wants to travel out of their home area, where they are known, is throwing their fate to the winds. First, you have to carry silver or gold coins, ‘cause the paper scrip from where you live is worthless anywhere else. And if you have silver or gold coins, you are a target, ‘cause nobody knows you and so wherever you are, the local vigilantes don’t give a rats patoot about who robbed you – they are more likely to take anything you might have left than help you.
And lastly, the story has come down that the Japanese took over the Hawaiian Islands last year, wonder what that means for the naked Californians?

Chapter Three – Twenty Years Later – 1960
So things are not going well at all. The only good news I have is that I found out what happened to the attempt to bring back slavery down south. The first few guys who tried it got murdered by black men. So then the Klan started in to lynching black men pretty heavy for a while and there was a nasty race war going on at night for a while and a lot of southern black folk started to move north.

But then the Klansmen started to think that they were in charge and began to tell other white folks what to do. And that was their last mistake. There was an open season on the Klan for a few months. The Klansmen who survived burned their bedsheets and went back to minding their own business, and so that’s how and why slavery crawled back into the woodwork.
Other than that good bit of news, the rest of the story is all bad, real bad. Basically, our noble experiment in no government is gonna be toasted within a year or two because of outside forces. This bad news started with the outcome of the Mexico – Texas war.
Basically the Mexican border moved north a couple of hundred miles. Most of Southwest Texas, most of southern New Mexico and southern Arizona are all part of Mexico now, and most of the white folks who had lived there were driven out by the Mexicans within a year after the war. The Mexican government said they did that ‘cause supposedly the white folks were just too mean, stubborn and stupid to be governed.
The Mexican army did not invade Southern California though, supposedly ‘cause the Japanese military attache in Mexico City told ‘em not to. That’s part of the rest of the bad news.
The Japanese invaded Alaska about three years ago, and are marching down through western Canada – Canada surrendered to the Japanese and Germans after Australia fell about 6 years ago. Twice in the past couple of years, the Japanese Navy has briefly invaded communities in Southern California, herded up all the young women they could find and shipped ‘em up to Alaska to be whores for the Japanese Army battalions during the winter. And that’s only the beginning of the real bad news.
The Germans and their allies – the Spanish, Italians, and Turks – invaded the northern Florida peninsula about 4 years ago, cut across and basically swept through all of Florida. It’s theirs now and they are supposedly amassing a huge army with lots of tanks and other modern equipment to invade the South, probably any day now.
Up north, the Puritan states of the northeast surrendered and so now the Germans are using Boston Harbor to bring in more troops and materiel to invade from the north as well. They are supposed not showing us any mercy either, they are still mad about us getting into WW1 and how that all turned out for them afterwards.
So millions of Jews and most of the population of Philadelphia are moving west, hoping to stay ahead of the German invasion, ‘cause all over the world, the Germans murdered or enslaved all the Jews and homosexuals they encountered – in Russia, in Europe and Great Britain, Askenazi Jews in the Middle East, everywhere.
With the exception of here in the Western Hemisphere, the rest of the world is in the hands of the Germans and the Japanese, or their allies. The last 20 years have been hell for the rest of the world and it will soon be hell for us here, too.
And we can’t do anything to stop it – we have no army, no navy, no air force, and no way that I can see to present an organized and united resistance. After 40 years of no government, nobody will sit and listen to anybody else about anything, let alone talk about how to combat a common enemy. The Mexicans are probably right, we are too mean, stubborn and stupid to govern, and also to help ourselves.
A lot of folks have given up already – there are so many drunks and druggies laying around in public everywhere that it looks like there was a battle every night and the dead are lying in the streets the next morning. And some of the mean drunk men who take it out on their wives and kids are actually ending up dead – their wives or their eldest boys are murdering them in their sleep, instead of taking any more punishment.
A lot of people are just disappearing. We’re still without any police, and the local vigilantes are becoming meaner and greedier all the time. So taking things into your own hands is the only way to go – and so disputes get settled quietly, usually with one party or the other disappearing in the night, buried somewhere.
I’m not sure what happened to folks being friendly and neighborly, looking out for each other, trying to help in times of need, but all of that is gone, faded away in the last 40 years. I’m beginning to think we deserve to be invaded, to be turned into slaves or lackeys of the Germans or the Japanese. If you don’t care about anybody or anything besides yourself, what good are you?

The next chapter writes itself - basically the experiment in libertarian no government that started in 1920 has f$#ked itself and the world - by 1980 the surviving people of what used to be the USA (and the rest of the world) are slaves, puppets or lackeys of the Germans and Japanese.
Giving the pie-in-the-sky "ideas" of libertarianism a historical context, stage and timeline is a way to test them - aka a thought experiment.
Libertarian non-government failed the experiment.
If you care, eventually the Germans and Japanese will duke it out with each other with nuclear weapons, and most likely, what passes for civilization will end, likely for quite some time.

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Libertarians regard the prospect of single payer health insurance as a threat. Right off the top they conflate single payer health insurance with government seizure of the entire healthcare delivery system. Medicare has not had a corrosive effect on medical technology, and there is no reason to believe that passing a larger hat would be any different. Libertarians are taxed at gunpoint and they hate to see those taxes deprive the private sector of prey. It is good that they are afraid.

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So I just had the distinct pleasure of busting a strange animal, a closet Libertarian! +Joshua Burton on his post, linked below:

You are busted! I will go out on a limb with a wild assed guess that you are a Libertarian, but you also seem to be ashamed about it, 'cause you seem to be unwilling to admit it, but clearly THAT is your agenda.

Instead, you hide behind a patently false claim to be a warrior for "truth". Just like everyone else, you are merely a warrior for "your version of the truth".

But clearly, not only are you a Libertarian, but you are a "closet Libertarian"!

I really don't blame you for trying to hide that about yourself, lots of folks are in the closet about some rationally unsupportable thing or other that they don't believe they can justify, and they are AFRAID to try.

"I have always found it quaint and rather touching that there is a movement [Libertarians] in the US that thinks Americans are not yet selfish enough.”― Christopher Hitchens

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“So don’t confuse the Free Thought Project with a benign grassroots nonprofit organization promoting a social justice mission. The mission of FTP is to spread libertarian propaganda disguised as progressive left ideas and make a lot of money doing it.”

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The only thing he makes is a fool out of himself.

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"Taxation is Theft!"

F%&#ing Libertarians

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