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So I have decided to change this community to a ROLEPLAY COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have fun Rping 

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Please, please, please join. Need more members

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Still have like three bookshelves to do

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Congratulations +Kaitlyn Schaefer for winning the picture contest! I'll change the pic as soon as I get my laptop back. 

I'm holding a picture contest for the community picture. The contest will end in 2 weeks (the 18th may) Only one entry and be as creative as possible. :)

Welcome to the community! I've got a few rules to start with but feel free to post a poll about what you fan over :) Thanks for joining!!!

No cursing 
No bullying
No inappropriate content
No spam
No sex RPs
Keep things PG-13
OCs are allowed
No disrespecting owners and moderators
Anyone can join 

Again thanks for joining.
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