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A 1000 mile journey through Baja in a car that cost no more than $1000.

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The Gulf of California continues to be both vibrant and productive, especially for species like the critically endangered #vaquita. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, looks forward to continuing to work with President Peña Nieto, NGO partners, Carlos Slim and the local communities in the Gulf to reach greater progress on these important issues.
Mexico’s president, its richest man and actor Leonardo DiCaprio signed an agreement Wednesday to try to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise.
Find the report at
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El Sudcaliforniano newspaper report state that tour operators experience 30% lower as average American tourists numbers.
This is due to the fear to be mistreated in retaliation for the immigration policy of US president Donald Trump.
This is the observation based on statements by visitors made to tour guides and boat operators.
Abel Morán, Coordinator of Tourist Services of the operator of the ejido Benito Juárez, which offers walks through this whale sanctuary located in the Biosphere Reserve of Vizcaíno, complain that so far there is no government effort to address this perception problem.
(Posting compiled from Sudcaliforniano report translated with Google translator) +Baja Whale Expeditions +Cabo San Lucas +Loscabos Cabo San Lucas +Loreto +Paceno La Paz +La Paz Baja California Sur BCS +Tourism BCS Cert. Guide +Tourism BCS

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The Baja peninsula looks fairly ok at an online air pollution map that uses data from satellites and more than 8000 monitoring stations to display global air pollution in real time.
The AirVisual Earth interactive maps prevailing wind patterns and shows color-coded concentrations of PM2.5—airborne particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter that can penetrate deep into the lungs.
Check it out >>>
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License for state wide extortion issued! As one of the diputados - Alejandro Blanco - that declined to vote for the proposal said (according to BCS Noticias report, translation with Google translator)
"I do not know if it's the best or the worst, I really do not have a clue, I'm convinced that an extra income is needed"
("No sé si sea el mejor o el peor, la verdad no tengo ni idea, yo lo que sí estoy convencido es de que se necesita un ingreso extra”).
So we need money and just hit the foreigners first! This will come over good, very good.....
The city of La Paz, ones a good destination to offer has become over the past 2,3 years a very difficult "sell" for tourism and travel agents up-road. (North America and Europe)
US state department travel warnings as the following:
Exercise caution in the state capital of La Paz...... Many homicides have occurred in La Paz, where there has been an increase in public acts of violence between rival criminal organizations.
are easy to find and being consumed by internet users.
Similar warnings are issued be several nations within the European Union and Canada.
So to put some icing on the La Paz, BCS cake you rip 350,- peso per head of any foreign visitor, w.a.f.j.
There is an expression in many languages, maybe the people in charge never hear of it:
"Don't slaughter the cow you can milk!"

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That was pure luck for the viewer/photographer in the cage at time to escape unhurt!! Best example why +Shark Society does NOT promote or participate in cage diving, baiting or chumming! 
Plain and simple: It does alter the natural behavior of the animal! A #GreatWhiteShark would never attempt to enter this cage if not baited!

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This film boasts beautiful color footage of old Baja, before Pemex stations lined the Cuota and Libre. Hunt travels from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas, enchantingly stopping at the waterless village of Magdalena Bay, Tortuga Bay, and the vineyards at Santo Tomás.

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'Aquatic cocaine': Fish bladders are latest Mexican smuggling commodity. Totoaba fish bladders are prized for their supposed benefits to health and beauty.
Smugglers in Mexico are threatening the species and another fish often caught in the nets

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For now, dolphins and manta rays still leap majestically from the sparkling water. But if the Sea of Cortez is going to remain a jewel of the North American continent, a much more serious effort to conserve this marine ecosystem will be needed.
More rangers are needed to enforce laws already on the books, and new regulations should be put in place to expand marine protected areas and reduce fishing.
Otherwise, the Sea of Cortez and its marine life face a perilous future.

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Follow the Road Trip Earth team south of the border into Mexico and down the entire length of the Baja Peninsula from LAX to Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas
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