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If you’re considering adding or replacing your car or truck suspension springs, or ride-rite air bags, read this first.

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BUYER BEWARE — SD Truck Springs.  SD Truck Springs deals with unhappy or dissatisfied customers by threatening them with a lawsuit.  An astonishing form of customer service.

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Be careful shopping on-line.  Vendor threatens dissatisfied customer with a lawsuit.

I am the customer, and because I was unhappy that the vendor shipped a used, returned, repackaged and reshipped kit that it sold as new, the vendor has threatened to sue me, the customer.  Astonishing form of customer service.

On July 8, 2015, I ordered the DEI-2550 Firestone Airbag Kit from for my 2010 Ford F-350 King Ranch 4x4 DRW truck.  I also ordered an air compressor to use for inflation of these airbags via wireless remote.  The total order cost was $630.00 (Six Hundred Thirty Dollars).

The shipment was delivered on July 13, 2015.

I asked a neighbor who is a United States Navy Submariner and a mechanic on a nuclear submarine if he would assist me with installing the airbags and compressor.

July 17, 2015 my neighbor came to my home to assist with the installation of the equipment ordered from  As with most expensive items I order on line, I videotaped opening the boxes in the event there was any damage or other issues with the order.

Links to the videos are provided below.

Although I had ordered a new Firestone RideRite Kit, what I received was a resold, used, returned and repackaged kit. 
The two videos show my neighbor and I opening the boxes, which provides numerous pieces of evidence that the kit that sent was obviously previously sold, returned, re-packaged and reshipped.

Immediately after discovering that the kit was used, I spoke with customer service at and advised them that the product I received was obviously a return and repackaged kit and they appear to have been previously installed on another truck.  After the customer service representative offered his denial, I told the customer service agent that had I videotaped opening the boxes.  

The answer I received from customer service was, [paraphrased] “Did you video tape someone installing them on another truck?”  My reply, “I don’t believe you just said that.”  He said he would transfer me to a supervisor, and the line disconnected.
The videos are available at the links below: Video 1 of 2 - Video 2 of 2 -

I posted these links to the videos with truthful reviews and information on and a number of other consumer review sites, as well as Google and Yahoo Communities.

Having received no satisfactory resolution from, or Firestone, but still needing the Ride-Rite Kit, I purchased the same identical DEI-2550 Firestone Ride-Rite Airbag Kit from Amazon, and received it July 27, 2015.  I videotaped opening the box.  The kit I received from Amazon is obviously a new and never opened kit.  The difference is profound.

Video opening Ride Rite Kit purchased from Amazon –

I filed complaints with the Georgia Attorney General and the New York Attorney General.  The President of, Mr. Vincent Davi sent both Attorney’s General a reply, which arguably deliberately concealed the fact that threatened to file a lawsuit against me, its customer, because of my dissatisfaction.

This was the first time in my 59 years, and in 28 years as an American Express Cardholder that I had to file a dispute with American Express because the vendor, rather than provide customer service, threatened to sue the customer because I expressed my dissatisfaction. 

After receiving the letter from attorney, in which he instructed me to only communicate through him and not his client, I received the email below from the president of on July 23, 2015.

From: Vincent Davi Subject: Offer 
Date: July 23, 2015 at 4:35 PM To: 
Cc: Howard S. Koh 

Dear Mr. Koch,
I have tried several times to contact you via phone with no success or returned call.  
Although Firestone Industrial Products has confirmed that we sent you a new DEI-2550 airbag kit, we wish to have only satisfied customers.  To that end, we are prepared to send you, free of charge, a brand new kit directly from the manufacturer and a complete refund of the entire order, provided you immediately cease and desist from posting any statements or videos regarding or Firestone Industrial Products on the internet and remove any existing statements and videos you have posted on the internet concerning or Firestone Industrial Products. You may keep the DEI-2550 airbag kit we previously sent you or we can pick it up free of charge. If you accept this offer, we will not pursue any further action against you. 

Thank you,

Vincent Davi
Ph: (631) 983-2984
Toll Free: 1-877-774-6473 ext.102



From: David Koch Subject: Re: Offer 
Date: July 24, 2015 at 4:44 PM
To: Vincent Davi 
Cc: Marilyn Lehrer 

Greetings Mr. Davi:

As stated in my previous email this week, I had hoped to arrive at an amicable resolution to this matter by today.  However, I received a letter from your attorney via Federal Express yesterday, threatening litigation, and which he states that I am prohibited from communicating with you directly.

Best regards,


Although Mr. Davi of claims that he had attempted to communicate with me several times prior to his email above, the undersigned has no record of such attempts.

The “offer” from strains credibility, is disingenuous and fallacious and arguably rises to unlawful extortion.  The threats of litigation and making extraordinary demands of a customer under duress just to receive an appropriate refund are at best, a form of bullying and may arguably constitute extortion.

I videotaped opening the shipment because I’ve been directly involved in the growth of the Internet since 1995.  Aside from groceries, I shop almost exclusively on-line.  I have received shipments in the past that were disappointing.  I simply made it a policy a couple of years ago to videotape opening all shipments.  Video is becoming today’s witness protection to all kinds of events.

I did not accept or even acknowledge the “offer” from because had numerous opportunities to do the right thing before it shipped a used, returned, repackaged and reshipped kit.

There is also the question about the elephant in the room - Why is so concerned about the video?  If the kit is new, there should be no concern, but the video proves it was previously shipped, returned, repackaged and reshipped.

Laboratory forensic testing of the kit, which will be provided to the court after files its lawsuit against the me, will provide conclusive proof based upon a preponderance of the evidence, clear and convincing evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt and beyond any doubt whatsoever that the subject kit was sold, returned, repackaged, and reshipped.  

I am astonished that I have had to go to this level of time and expense because a vendor’s customer service policy is arguably to threaten to sue the customer when it expresses dissatisfaction, or catches the vendor selling used, returned, repackaged, and reshipped equipment that it sold as new.

I question why Mr. Davi of would offer twice the price, with the demand that I remove my truthful on-line postings under duress of litigation, and with that “offer” reinforce its threat of litigation, and arguably include extraordinary demands that may constitute extortion.  That was not an offer to reach an amicable resolution.  That was a threat.  

Telling a customer that it will only provide a refund if the customer performs some extraordinary service to the vendor under duress is thoroughly inappropriate.  Extortion is not an offer - it is extortion.

Customary customer service and an appropriate refund should never be contingent upon an individual succumbing to extortion, bullying or otherwise being placed under any kind of duress.

I bought a new product.  The evidence is conclusive that the vendor shipped a used, returned, repackaged and reshipped product, and a refund should have been made without question or hesitation, or any extraordinary demands that placed the customer under duress.

If you went to the bank where you keep your money and asked to withdraw some of your money, knowing that the funds were available in your account, you would expect that the bank would give you your money.  However, if the bank stated that it would only give you your money if you first provided a written endorsement of the bank, and would otherwise refuse to give you your money, then that would arguably constitute unlawful extortion.  It would be even more problematic for the bank if that episode were video taped.

If you then reported that appalling customer service and posted your protest, video and dissatisfaction regarding the bank on-line, only to receive a letter from the bank’s attorney threatening to sue you for posting your truthful on-line review, that would arguably be a form of unlawful intimidation.  

If the letter from an attorney was followed with an email from the President of the bank, stating that he would give you your money, but only if you performed extraordinary tasks and favors, along with the implied threat of litigation, that would arguably constitute unlawful extortion, intimidation and unlawfully placing you under duress, only to receive what is rightfully your money. has treated me in an arguably identical manner.  I purchased a new product, received a used, repackaged and reshipped product, and is holding and refusing to give me my money. knowingly sent a customer a used, shipped, returned, repackaged and reshipped Firestone Ride–Rite Kit that it sold as new.
Making restitution for the monetary amount would resolve the issue of my having paid for a new kit, but having received a used kit.  

Simply refunding the purchase price is a separate and autonomous issue from the deed of having knowingly shipped a returned, used and repackaged kit that it sold as new, which is the basis of the videos and my on-line reviews. is not entitled to make the refund for used merchandise contingent upon my removing my on-line reviews and videos, or performing any other extraordinary procedure.  I paid for new kit, was shipped a used kit, and I should receive a refund.
The refund of the defective kit is a single issue, and it does not entitle to any extraordinary treatment – i.e. removing my truthful reviews and videos.  Making its demands to perform extraordinary procedures under duress as a contingency to refund my money is arguably extortion, which now creates a third issue that is separate from the “deed,” and making the monetary restitution, and arguably more serious. created two separate issues initially, and now it continues to create additional issues.  Refunding the money only resolves one issue, and the performance on the appropriate action of a refund cannot be contingent upon the resolution of any other issues.  It is important to note that I did not “create” the information that comprises the on-line reviews.  I am only the messenger. created the issue and the information contained in the reviews.

The “deed” occurred when knowingly shipped the product, not ever considering that the customer might videotape opening the box.  The initial denial that it shipped a used kit from its customer service suggested to me that if I had not videotaped opening the box, would maintain its position that it shipped a new kit, and all of the damage was caused by me.  Even with clear evidence now, continues to deny that the kit has been sold, shipped, returned, repackaged and reshipped to the undersigned.

I have been required under duress of litigation to invest significant time and expense defending my position and the fact that I have been victimized by  In addition to the videos, which show that the Firestone RideRite Kit is used, repackaged and reshipped, there is substantial additional evidence proving the facts beyond any doubt, which has required my time and money.  

Although the amount that could have settled this dispute by simply replacing the kit, it choose to escalate and exacerbate the matter.   

It appears that Mr. Davi is making a tortured attempt to spin this matter suggesting that he and his company, are the victims.  The customer is the victim here, who paid for a new Firestone RideRite Kit and received a sold, used, returned, repackaged and reshipped kit.

In its disingenuous reply to the state Attorney’s General offices, Mr. Davi of appears to be trying to suggest that I somehow decided to seek it out on the Internet, and order a Firestone RideRite Kit, for the sole purpose of manufacturing a claim against  Nothing could be more ludicrous.  I certainly have better things to occupy my time than engaging a vendor that arguably needs to examine its customer service policies.  Threatening to sue a customer because the customer is dissatisfied is an astonishing policy.

I re-ordered and paid for a new identical Firestone RideRite Kit from, and there is a video opening that shipment, which reinforces my claim by comparison.  The videos and other additional evidence prove my claim that the kit from was sold, returned, repackaged and reshipped.  All of the evidence will be provided at the appropriate time, as a part of the judicial process that stated its intent to initiate.  

The alleged offers to resolve the matter are without merit.  I am the customer, who received a letter from attorney threatening litigation, and instructing me to only communicate with him (the attorney and not directly with 

A day after receiving the letter from its attorney, representative, Vincent Davi sent me an email that stated his willingness to offer a refund, but that refund was contingent upon my removing my accurate and truthful on-line reviews and videos, along with language reinforcing its intent to sue me if I would not comply with its demands.  A cursory examination of the legal term “extortion” reveals that the email from Mr. Davi arguably constitutes unlawful extortion.

As a direct result of threats of litigation, the subject Firestone RideRite Kit conterminously became the central evidence in a pending judicial procedure.  It could be unlawful for me, to return that kit to, as it could be considered spoliation of evidence and obstruction of justice. (Emphasis Added).  Given that fact that Mr. Davi is arguably concealing material and pertinent factual information from the Attorney’s General offices, that raises question as to whether or not he would insure the preservation of the evidence for the court if I returned the kit to

Mr. Davi of has now decided that he will refund my purchase price if I first return the kit.  I am not surprised that Mr. Davi of would like to have possession of the evidence before files its lawsuit against its customer.  That strategy clearly strains credibility.

The reply that Mr. Davi, president of sent to the Attorney’s General offices are misleading.  It appears that Mr. Davi has arguably demonstrated a pattern of being deliberately deceptive in his effort to manipulate an erroneous conclusion.

Mr. Davi has failed to disclose to Attorney’s General offices pertinent and material factual information, and is arguably deliberately concealing material information in his effort to manipulate an erroneous conclusion.  Withholding material information is arguably the same as providing manufactured, fabricated and fallacious information.

If I returned the kit, which was made evidence by written intent to initiate litigation against its customer, there is no guarantee that would preserve the evidence, which could enhance its advantages in court by arguably suggesting that the evidence was misplaced.   

It is important to emphasize that the kit, which is now evidence, was only made evidence by the actions of, expressly because of the threat of pending litigation made by

All of the foregoing could have easily been prevented had simply not sent a customer a used, returned, repackaged and reshipped Firestone RideRite Kit. 
Now, insists on continuing to escalate and exacerbate the matter of simply resolving am issue that it initiated with a customer.

A copy of the foregoing is available in PDF format at the link below:

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Consumer Alert - Video Opening Your On-Line Purchases.
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