I sold the pop up and bought me a 28ft travel trailer with all the bells and whistles I need. Got it from a large retail center and was excited with the walk though of my new home away from home.

I listened to every word to make sure I would never screw up my new investment. But there was a few things that the service person may have thought he knew that I should have checked the facts.

Seems as though the connection to my pickup was called a stabilizer. I didn't know it meant load level too. I was instructed that after I connected to the ball on my hitch to raise up the trailer to take off any tension. That''s when I was supposed to put on the chains but to keep them loose. I was told they would tighten up when I lowered things down.

What I didn't know that even with a slight sag on the hitch you can cause the front of your pickup to "lift" a little while driving and actually cause more sway when you wanted to decrease or eliminate it.

It wasn't until after I ordered the $500 air shocks with $400 installation and a replacement of my two front truck tires that were worn like they were under inflated that I realized all I needed to do was make the chains tight at the top and don't let it sag.

Live and learn!
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