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Be afraid from the fitan of a sin you commit in Isolation
Be afraid from the fitan of an act of goodness you do in public

What is Unity ...???

Unity is not when what we think because We think that We can gather or We can be a unit as far as We all have no differences ...!!!

Unity is to be united with all the differences We've and respect each other.

In the Ummah the most united people were Sahaba (RA) but the also had difference of opinion but still they loved each other. They were the complete definition of Unity ...!!!

We are hating each other on minor differences, like my Imam says this and your Imam says that ... Besides ignoring the fact that those Imam also respected each other and loved each other ...!!!

Jazak'ALLAH Khair ...!!!

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I didn't see this coming ... Where we need our Muslim Brothers and Sisters to wake up and start being an Ummah, there Our beloved fellows Muslim Sisters are promoting Israel Culture in Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan.

I knew that the Ummah is sleeping but I didn't knew that is going be dead soon ...!!!

!!!... Bidaat ...!!!
The Judgment day will be the day of doom. When ALLAH will be in his Jalal. Only Muhammad(PBUH) will be the authority to appeal for pity. No other person will have this authority ...!!!


Imagine that the only authority Muhammad(PBUH) will be angry on the people, who are good people and ask the angels to take them to Jahanum/Hell.

Those people will be those who will be committing Bidaat in this world ...!!!

So my brothers and sisters ... Be Careful ... Don't involve in such act which is not proven from Qur'an, Sun'nah and the life of Sahaba(RA) ...!!!

We can't completely follow Qur'an and Sun'nah then why should we do something new ...!!!

I wonder how We are not boycotting Israeli and Israel supporting products ...!!!

We can't sacrifice Our good quality life for our brothers and sisters of Falasteen ...

Then how can we suppose that we will fight for their rights ... Sacrificing Our lives for them is out of question ...!!!

Shame on us for calling ourselves Muslims ...!!!

Jazak'ALLAH Khair

!!!... Don't spend your Halal earning or Haram ... Don't ...!!!
!!!... A Halal thing can't be Halal anymore if you buy it with Haram income ... Never ...!!!

(Safwan Hashmi)

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A trip to Ghar'e'Sour or Ghar'e'Thour or Cave of Sour or Cave of Thour ...!!!

The Cave which is known for hiding Muhammad (Salalahoo Alaih'e'wasalaam) and Abu Bakar(RA) during Hijra(Migration) ...!!!

They were hiding from Kufar ...!!!

A pigeon laid egg on the entrance and a spider made Web on the entrance ... Subhan'ALLAH ....!!!

There was a snake trying to come out of a hole and Abu Bakar(RA) stopped him and it bit him on the foot thumb ...!!!

After the death of Muhammad (Salalahoo Alaih'e'wasalaam) Abu Bakar(RA) died due to that poison ...!!!

We tried our best to make a good video for our brother and sisters in Faith ... Who can't go up there or don't have the opportunity to go there ...!!!

Pakistan ka matlab kya LA'ILAHA'ILALLAH
What does Pakistan means LA'ILAHA'ILALAH

This is what Pakistan was made for and look what it has become ...!!!... We are responsible for the current situation of Pakistan each and everyone of us ...!!!

This LA'ILAHA'ILALAH was not for Pakistan it was for the people of Pakistan because Pakistan is what we are ...!!!

We should implement LA'ILAHA'ILALAH in our lives so that it may reflect in Pakistan ...!!!
Because surrendering to ALLAH is real freedom ...!!!


Jazak'ALLAH Khair

(Safwan Hashmi)
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