hello, i m a beginner in android programming

i would like to have some steps for developing a programming for the following requirement.

this is my program requirement.

Need to give bill for three people, give tip percent, calculate tip amount for each and total tip amount.

Who do I talk to... to see about hosting a studyjam here in Albuquerque New Mexico? Thoughts?

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we've created a bunch of free Google Material Design templates built with the newest Bootstrap 4.

All fully responsive.

I hope you'll find it useful :)

Hello, I am one of the organizers of GDG Northern Colorado, USA and I hope this is the right place to ask a question.

I am also a professor at a community college where I teach a semester of Android as a capstone. This takes place between Mid-January to mid-May and I must prepare the course between now and then.

Is this still facilitated by GDG community members or has it become part of Udacity? How do I become eligible to host a study jam and get our chapter in the books? Is this acceptable to host one of these at a public career and technical junior college?

I hate to burden anyone with noob questions, but I sure do appreciate any insight into this matter :)

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Dear Washington Udacity Jam classmates,

Hope this message getting to you well. After our Jam session, I continued on my Udacity education and signed up Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree program in May. After 5 months intensive training, Last Friday I earned my Udacity Certificate of Android Developer Nanodegree. The program is very hands-on. We wrote handful Android apps that covers most Android technologies. Within the training, I feel very confident in writing Android apps now. I also plan to publish apps sometime later. If you want become a middle-level Android developer, I highly recommend this program. The program help the students building a solid foundation and prepare the students for facing the rapid changing/progressing Android world.
I like to thank Margaret for hosting the Jam and for introducing me to the Udacity.
Udacity also offers 'Android Basics by Google' program as well. If you like to learn more, I'd love to share my experience/stories.

Ming Rutar, the newly graduated

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DevFest Romania 2016 - Call For Papers

GDG Romania and Women Techmakers Romania are proud to announce the second edition of GDG DevFest Romania 2016, the biggest Google-related event in Romania with more than 450 participants.

The event will take place on November 11th - 12th in Bucharest and we will have 4 tracks: Android, Web, Cloud & BigData and Gaming.

The “Call for speakers” is open so you can apply using this form: https://goo.gl/forms/FeovxxJ2gxZyNUl52

If you want to see some impressions about DevFest Romania 2015 here you can find an awesome video from the past year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpT8rDM5L8A

#devfestro   #gdgromania   #wtmRO   #gdgpitesti  

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we have published a series of free tutorials about Bootstrap 4 and Material Design.

They have recently become very popular, so perhaps some of you finds it useful.

Your feedback is very welcome.
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