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Name: zayn malik
Age: 18
Grade: 11
Personality: I'm chill with everyone, I hang with everyone even if I don't know them
Parents: ​none
Fave color: blue
Friends: as of now none
Bffs: ​none as of now
Fc ?
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Teacher English/history
Name Garnet
Age Really old
son Steven
Daughter Connie
Friends Pearl Amethyst Greg lapis peridot Steven Rose Connie
Can I be a History Teacher????

me caring lost media stuff to my locker
Well I keep this safe well if anyone knows about it they be asking-mikeylugojr

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Name:mikeylugojr (the doctor/the cartoonist)
Family: a big one hehehehehehehe

Personally:wacky and creative
Likes sketches and making friends and

And secretly time travel also lemon cake

age:15 years old

Dislike: haters dealing with life maybe the daleks

Best friends
+Sabrina Parker​​​
+Riley Blanchard​​​

FAVORITE color:rainbow hmmmmmmm

Bio:well I'm mikeylugojr aka the doctor and the cartoonist I always make a adventurous move around the world and maybe here with happyness
And making the world a better place-mikeylugojr

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Hi I'm cat
I'm 16 new here
I love art
I'm shy
I get scared a lot

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First Profile here I think...

Name: Annie Haslam

Age: well in real life she's 69... but for the perposes of this, she's 28

Birthdate: 8 June 1947

Personality: Sunny, Bubbly, loves to laugh, she's been discribed as a bit of a 'hippie', kind- hearted, loving, she respects nature and the world around her, not really a personality trait, but she's a vegitarian because of how awfully most farm animals are treated...

Parents: Annie and George Haslam (She was named after her mother.)

Fave color: a dark Purple

Friends: her band mates, Roy Wood (of the band ELO), Betty Thatcher (The lyricist her band had.), Justin Hayward (of The Moody Blues), Steve Howe (Of YES), she's met Paul McCartney and George Harrison of the Beatles (Her brother, Michael Haslam, used to go on tour with them back in the 1960's, though she met George and Paul years later in the studio.)

Bffs: I have no idea. (well at this time she was dating Roy Wood, so him)

Fc: Annie Haslam.... well, herself... lol

Why You want the Job: well, she's a singer (classically trained as an opera singer with a five octave soprano vocal range, once performed three consecutive sold out nights at Carnegie Hall with the band she's a part of, Renaissance, and they hit number 7 on the UK charts in 1978) and so "I'd like to teach music, or at least choir/chorus here. I think it'll be fun! it would be a fun way to connect with the students, I think, make new relationships, and use my talents in a new and exciting way!"
Ok, since I can bet that no one here will know who Annie is, so here's some webpages for you all.

Renaissance Facebook:

Annie's Facebook:

Renaissancetouring website:


Annie Haslam Wikipedia:

Renaissance Wikipedia:

Starter concerts (Ones I recomend if you're just getting into the band):

Live 1977 Sight and Sound:

Live 1983 Park West Chicago:

Live 1976 Capitol Theatre:

Live 1979 Boardwalk Convention Hall:

And I'd love to answer any questions about Annie and Renaissance!
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Name: hailey baldwin
Age: 19
Personality: nice careing Kind loving and outgoing
Parents: Dont have​
Fave color: Blue
Friends: Alot
Bffs: Dont have😢​
Fc: hailey baldwin

Name Selena Gomez
Age 24
Grade 12
Personality nice fun loving helpful
Friends lots
Family Lots
Subjects math band art music science and sometimes I help at Front office
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