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Is it time for circuits' development to move entirely to Github?

For 10 years circuits' development has always taken place on -- originally at and later moved to a Bitbucket Team at

It has served us well; but Github does seem to attract and target a more hacker/contributing audience over Bitbucket. Bitbucket does also lack some nice features that Github seem to have like statistics (only feature advantage I can think of!)

Please vote and comment!
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Yes; I'd contribute then!
I don't care
It's fine where it is (Bitbucket)

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As seen on #circuits  on FreeNode:
Can we ask a few q's on stackoverflow?
I have renewed motivation to build a stronger circuits community
and get some more momentum going.

Use the tag: "circuits" (without the quotes)

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Just an FYI for those that have recently join the Python circuits community here. We largely communicate on IRC on the FreeNode IRC Network. So come on over and chat to us about your current or next upcoming circuits project! Happy circuits hacking!

Some useful links:

Hey folks,

Newbie question: Has anyone implemented an AMQP client using Circuits that they would be willing to share with the world?

Merry Christmas y'all :) Happy #circuits  hacking :)

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We are pleased to announce the release of circuits 3.1.0

Thank you to all the new contributors. Included in this release
are various bug fixes and improvements to Bridge (Inter Process Communications)
and Node (Distributed Event Processing).

For a detailed list of changes have review the Change Log:

What is circuits?

circuits is an Event Framework with a Component Architecture that lets you build and compose your software in loosely coupled components.




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Was looking at some old projects and decided I'd revive one of them into a brand new shiny project called charla -- An IRC Server / Daemon.

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Held my first ever presentation at PyCOnAU 2014 today on #circuits Slides here: Thanks all for the questions and support!
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