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Skills (No powers!):









Fuuuuuck. There's just to many of these bastards! Where are they all coming from? I was out looking for supplies and ran into a group of them. I downed three of them but they hit me in the arm with whatever the hell they use as guns. Saw someone manage to bring down an alien ship. Nailed it with an RPG. I-

Oh shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit! They're coming my way.

(Scorch flicks his rifles safety off)

I'm gonna try to make a run for it. Maybe grab one of their guns. OH SHIT!

(Rifle shots ring out, and the recording ends)


Name: Mike Palm

Nickname: Scorch

Age: 27

Weapons: M4A1, M9, Machete

Skills (No powers!): Pyrotechnics, Marksman, survivalist,

Family: Dead.

Weaknesses: Poor sense of direction, afraid of snakes,

Pets: none. (Really wants a dog)

Friends: doesn't really have any

Looks: 6'3, Caucasian, brown hair, skinny

Equipment: binoculars, gasmask, military fatigues, army helmet

Bio: Scorch joined the Marines at age 26. After serving for one year, he was stationed at a base in the US. The next week, the base was attack by alien forces. Scorch salvaged what he could and left to find shelter. Has a extreme fear of snakes and requires a navigational tool almost every where he goes. He discovered that his family had been killed in the early hours of the invasion

Other: He really, really wants a dog.

Damn... The community seems dead. And I made my profile all for nothing.

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"I am just a guy that fights."
Name: Moon crownos

Nickname: the blue crow

Age: 16

Weapons: plasma cannon

Skills (No powers!): sniping at night using mobile suits




weakness: plasma arrows
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Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Lizie

Age: 14

Weapons: hunting gun that can change into any gun i want it to

Skills (No powers!): Hand to hand combat

Family: mom, dad (dead) sister (alive)

Weaknesses: BOYS

Pets: dog named CoCo

Friends: none

Looks: view pic below

Equipment: hunting gun, cop uniform that can change into any outfit i want in order to blend in with certain environments and places

Bio: mom and dad are both cops. Parents died earlier in the invasion. My sis and I were the only survivors in our family. I always try and make sure that nothing happens to my sister considering she's the only one i have left.

Other: allergic to nuts

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"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum"
Name: Duke Nukem
Age: Unknown
Main weapons: Golden Colt 1911 pistols
Other weapons: Shotgun, Ripper, RPG, Pipe bomb, Shrinker, Freeze thrower, Microwave expander, Devastator, Incinerator, Laser trip bomb
Skills: Massive strength (don't believe me? Play Duke Nukem Forever and see for yourself), Agility, Ego (somehow functions as a shield), Mighty boot (powerful kick)
Family: Unknown
Pets: Unknown
Friends: Captain Dylan (in Duke Nukem Forever)
Equipment: Duke vision shades. (Night vision shades)
Bio: "I kicked their asses fiften years ago and five years after I kicked their asses again. This is the third time their asses meet my boot."

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Name: Carla

Nickname: Car Car

Age: 16

Weapons: Sword that can change into a rifle

Skills: Swordsmanship and ranged shooting

Family: Father ( Kyle), Mother (Mary)

Weaknesses: Dogs

Pets: Terrier named Doom

Friends: None

Looks: See picture

Equipment: Armor and Weapons

Bio: Is the daughter of an army general and was trained to fight from the soldiers. Has a wealthy family.

Other: None

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Name: Soul Arson

Nickname: Reaper

Age: 17

Weapons: Two katanas , and sometimes a red and black scythe

Skills (No powers!): martial arts , sword training , hand to hand combat , seduction , singing

Family: Dead

Weaknesses: Friends , animal's , risking someone's life ,

Pets: like I said I don't want anyone around me

Friends:tch...I don't want friends if I have friends they'll just die....and I know that I failed my goal over and over again...I rather be alone then have my friends die like my family did....

Looks: seaweed green hair , greenish bluish eyes , slightly tanned skin

Equipment: she has to katanas that she uses go fight and she has a spray bottles that she uses to mark her turf

Bio: I joined a the military when I found out my family was killed.....I pledged I would fight and never let anyone die again....heh....looks like it's just another fail for me.....but when the invasion happened everyone betrayed each other....and we dispatched

Other: Is allergic to pepper


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