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Name: Super Kami Guru.
Nickname: Guru.
Gender: We dont even have those.
Race: Namekian.
Age: This Many.
Good or evil: Good.
Birthday: The day i was born.
Appearance: Look at the picture.
Personality: Awesome.
Ki Color: Clear.
Powerlevel: Infinity plus one.
Skin: Green.
Height: Tall.
Likes: Plasma Tv, Dragonballs, Pizza Hut.
Dislikes: Albion Namekians.
Bio: Ive got a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek.
Family: My brother Slugg.
Masters: None.
Apprentice: Nail.
Allies. Earthlings, Saiyans.
Enemies: Frieza and Albino Namekians.
Transformation: Super Ultra Hyper Omega Galactic Kami Guru.

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Hey this is Mushroom from here. He is on the DBZ site here- - He looks a bit like insane? Well he is. Mushroom life was a proud one. He was raised on New Namek as a pitiful follower. Then one day a changeling arrived. He followed Wraith until he was beaten and stomped by Grey. When he eventually came out he went to Namek his home planet hated and everything and went to the dark side of the planet where other hated Nameks were found and started to try to take over Namek after. As a hero came to try to stop him..... How that ends is Unknown ;) Come check it out :D
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