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Well.. No one has posted here so I'm gonna post some fan art.
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Hello, I am Natasha, or 2p Belarus!
(Normally 1p but changed for a few days)

Redoing Chkhlsaihrs Profile Or Whatever Its Called
Name: Chkhlsaihr (The Nation Chkhlsaihr Of Northern France/
Age: 13 (One Possible Age) 20 (Another Age That Should Make Sense)
Human Name: She Takes On The Name Cesfour And Has An Unofficial Sur Name Of "Woods." Other Surnames Are Bonnefoy, Densen Or Beilschmidt, Only Being Related.

Chkhlsaihr Wears A Grey Military Uniform With A Belt/Sash. She Also Wears Some Kind Of Item Around her Neck, A White Cross With All Even Sides, A Little Like The German Iron Cross. It Has A Metal X On The Center Of The White Cross. It Is Never Seen because It Is Hidden By The Military Jacket Piece. She Wears The Same Colored Grey Trousers And Black Boots With A Fold-over. ON The Outer Sides Of The Boots Near The Ankle, There's A Red Gem That Looks A Little Like A Round Diamond Or An Oval-like Shape. She Is Sometimes Seen With A Grey Kind Of Had That Is Somewhat Cylinder-like, But It Slants Down Towards The Back. The Hat is Grey With A Red Gem, Like The One On Her Boot, On The Right Side Of Her Hat. She Isn't Always Seen With The Hat On. Her Hair Is Just Below Her Shoulders, So He Wears it Back With Her Bangs Out. He Has A Piece Of Hair That Is Somewhat Like A Cowlick That Goes Down. It Can Change Her Mood (Happy, Mad, Sad ECT.) Or It Can Work As "Something Else." She Has Dark Brown Eyes And A Slightly Paled Skin Color. Her Hair Is Blonde, And It Is Darker At the Top, Lighter At The Bottom. Her Height Is "5'7".

(Personality And Interest?)
Chkhlsaihr Is A Person You May Want To Be Around. She Seems To Be A Shy Person When You First Meet Her, But Then As You Get To Know her, She Acts Somewhat Like A Guy And Has A Little Bit Of A Childish Personality. She Can Be Obnoxious, Demanding And Bossy. She Wont Back Down From Any Fight What So Ever. But She Is Still A Pleasant Person To Be Around. Half The Time Chkhlsaihr Doesn't Know How To Act Around Others, For She Had Very Little Experience. She Also Seems To "Lack Common Sense." When Ever She Is With Germany And Prussia, Germany Manages To Compare Chkhlsaihr And Prussia. And If Chkhlsaihr Hears Something Of it She Will Become Somewhat Upset. Normally She Stays In Her House All Day And Doesn't Bother To Do Anything. She Tries To Find Things ON The Internet To Take Away Her Boredom, Something That She Normally Complains About, But Fails To Succeed. She Likes Anime And Manga. She Owns Different DVDs Of Different Animes and a couple of mangas. When she was Younger She Went On Adventures With Sealand. She Also Owns A Sword Japan Had Gave Her. Most Of, Chkhlsaihr Tries To Keep A Smile On Her Face. But When She Is Alone, She Manages To Hold Back Tears. The Cause For This is that She is Made Fun Of For Being A Country. So She Calls Herself A Micro Nation. And Another Reason Is That She Isn't Noticed or She Is Always Left Out, Or Just Lonely And Forgotten. When Ever Chkhlsaihr is With Germany And Prussia, She Would Normally Lock Herself IN A Room (They Own A House.) And Start To Cry. Prussia HAs Come Across The Room She Was In A Couple Of Times And Stop To Listen. But Chkhlsaihr Always Tries To Push Away the Bad Thoughts And Remember The Good ones.
Chkhlsaihr Doesn't Have Full Independence, For It Is Still Owned By France. France Had Raised A Younger Chkhlsaihr And Up To Now. When She Was Younger, She Had "Murdered" A Pig And A Cow With A Stick And Piece Of Metal. She Had Connected The Two And Made A Weapon. France Was Then Terrified And Sent Her Off To England. When She Had Come Back, She Wasn't Really Different. She Only Grew A Bit. France Had Then Sent Her To Denmark, Denmark Only, And Told Him To Keep Her For Awhile. This Had Went On For A Little While Then Stopped. France Then Took Care Of Chkhlsaihr, But Had Sent Her To Her Relative Nations Once In A While.

Chkhlsaihr Is Somehow A Mix Of Three Nations. Germany Is One Of Three Relative States.  France Had Sent Chkhlsaihr To Him And Prussia, France Had Hoped That Something Would Happen. Nothing Happened. Germany And Chkhlsaihr Got Along. But Her And Prussia Didn't. The Younger Nation And The Older Nation Only Fought About Stupid Things. After One Fight, She Kicked Prussia INn The Leg Pretty Well, Leaving Some Opened Skin And A Pretty Good-sized Bruise. Prussia Then Stopped Talking To Her, And That Made Her Happy. Yet That Didn't Last Long. And Still Chkhlsaihr Gets Along With Germany, Almost A Little Like Him. But She Still Doesn't Get Along With Prussia.

Denmark Is The Most Important Of The Three Relative Nations. When Chkhlsaihr Was Younger, She Was Sent To Denmark. He Though She Would Be Annoying, But He Though Wrong. They Got Along Wonderfully. Norway Had Also Tried To Compare Denmark And Chkhlsaihr. When Chkhlsaihr Was Still Little, She Had Challenged Denmark To Fight. He Only Laughed. She Then Hit Him In The Leg Pretty Hard And He Then Said "Alright". He Had His Axe And Chkhlsaihr Then Had A Sword From Japan. Denmark Was Scared And The He Had Swung The Axe, Heading Downwards Towards Her. She Put The Sword Over Her Head And Stopped The Axe. Denmark Was Surprised. He Then Gave Her The Nickname "Little King" And Still Calls Her That.

Chkhlsaihr And Austria Don't Get Along. Austria Has Attacked Chkhlsaihr More Than Three Times. But Once They Had Managed To Get Along At A Meeting.

Chkhlsaihr Doesn't Get Along To Well With The Prussian. Though He Has Heard Her In Different Rooms, Crying. From When Chkhlsaihr Was Younger, He Really Didn't Hate Her. He Wanted To Get Along With Her. Also, he Swears He May Have Small Feelings For Her But He Does Deny It. They Have Managed To Get Along A Couple Of Times.

When Chkhlsaihr Was Younger, France Had Sent Her To England. England Was Surprised That She Didn't Do Anything Weird, And That she Used Her Manners. Chkhlsaihr Still Gets Along With England, But Annoyed That He Mistakes Her For France. But When She Was Still Younger, She Was Accidently Dressed As A Boy Then, For England Didn't Know She Was Female. No One Really Knew That. She Didn't Mind It Though. Its Also How She Met Sealand And Had Tried On Some of His Clothes. Sealand Said That She Looks Like A True Sailor.

Her And Sealand Met When France Sent Her To Be With England. Sealand And Her Had Said That They Were To be Siblings. From Then On They Went On Different Adventures. They Still have A Good Bind Between Each other And Still Say That They Are Siblings.

Chkhlsaihr Can Also Be Somewhat Scary And Creepy. She Also Threatens Others That She Will hit Them With Her Sword And It Wouldn't Look Nice. Some Others Say That She Was Probably Supposed To Be Russia's Territory. And It Is Possible That She Is Russian Territory. When Russia First Met Chkhlsaihr, He Though She Was Only Annoying. He Then Couldn't Take it And Hit Her IN The Head With His Faucet Pipe. She Ended Up Falling Over And Blacking Out. Maybe After About 30 Mins. - 1 Hour, She Woke Up With A Groan And Rubbed The Front Right Of Her Head, That Groan Soon Turning Into A Laughing Fit. Russia Was Sitting On A Chair Waiting. He Was Confused When She Started Laughing And Asked If She Was Mad, And All She Could Say Was "Im Not Mad." They Then Became Friends Later On.

Her And Greenland Are Both Sisters. That's Really All. They Have Gone On Adventures And Trained Together, But Really, That's All.

Venice Is More Willing To Work With Another Person. Her And Chkhlsaihr Are AMAZING Friends. And When Chkhlsaihr Wants To Train To Become Stronger, Venice Is Always Ready, And She Doesn't Flee. It Works As if Chkhlsaihr Were Germany And Venice Were Italy. But She Best Friends And Get Along Well. And They Hangout Most Of The Time, Even Though Romano Didn't Trust Her, Her Being Related To Germany. He Soon Got Over It And Realized She Really Wasn't Bad Or Whatnot.

Her And Japan Get Along Because Of Interests. They Are Friends And Have A lot In Common. And Know Much About Different Animes And Mangas.

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CHIBI VENICE! APART OF THE VARGAS FAMILY...I Tried...Dun Look To Much Like Her- BUT ITS CHIBI so no dip...

<Rah> Randomly Random Character...

Name: City of Venice or Venice. Like N.Italy And S.Italy, Her "Name" Is Venice Venezia. She Gets Venezia From It Being The Italian Word Of Venice, And Being A Girl Name.
Human Name: Maria "Venice" Vargas. She Is Called Vani Sometimes.
Age: 18 - 20
Birthday: Right Now It Will Just Be On April 25th
Clothing: Uniform - Her Military Uniform Is A Greyish, Olive Green Uniform With The Coat Of Arms And Italian Flag Above On The Right Side of The Jacket. It Has A Brown Sash <Or What Ever They Are Called>. She Wears The Same Colored Trousers With Brown Boots. The Sash It Connected To A Brown Belt Around The Waist. Around The Neck Area, Where A Tan Dress Shirt Is Somewhat Folded Over The Jackets Collar, A Gold, Light Weighted, Chain That Hooks Around A Black Line Of Fabric That's Near Where The Right Collarbone Would be.

Perforation <Or Whatever> -  She Prefers A Black Normal Everyday Jacket With The Italian Flag On The Right Side With The Coat Of Arms Under It. With That Jacket She Wears Black Leggings, A Black Skirt With A Gold Hem And Brown Belt With Dark Brown Boots. She Wears A White Shirt Under The Jacket.

Relations:  N. Italy, S. Italy, Spain And France. Theres Possibly More.
She Also Calls Italy And Romano Fratello. Or Else She Calls Romano Italy And N.Italy Veneziano. Its Rare That She Will Do That. Or Else Its Veneziano And Romano.

Other Relations: Germany: She Has Seen Germany Plenty Of Time But Normally Stays Farther Away From Him, Being Scared.
Russia: She Somewhat Gets Along With him but Rarely Sees Him.
Hungary: She Is Friends With Hungary. In Her Spare Time, She Is Around Hungary And Will Follow Her Sometimes, Hungary Not Minding. Hungary Enjoys The Company.
Liechtenstein: She is Somewhat Friends With Her. And If Switzerland Is Around, She Will Normally Yell At Her, Not Trying To Be Mean, For Her Older Brother Running Across His Property.
Switzerland: She Gets Along With Him, But Somewhat Scared Of Him. He is Always Yelling At Her For What Italy Does. But He Then Apologizes Later.

Hair , Eye Color And Gender: Her Hair Color Is In Between The Hair Colors Of Her Two Brothers, Like It Is Mixed. Her Hair Is Medium-Long Length. She Also Has The Same Curl As Her Fratellos' Have, Its On The Left But More To The Front. Her Eye Color Right Now Is A Brownish Hazel <Light Brown> With Some Kind Of Green Mixed. Her Gender Is Female.


*Sitting In The Empty Opera House, La Fenice In The City of Venice, Enjoying The Silence, Sitting In The Back Row Wearing Her Everyday/Preferred Clothes * <Open RP?>

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