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Name: Reese the hedgehog
Age: 14
Personality: shy, quite, nice,
Likes: drawing, singer, pikachu, pokemon
Dislikes: annoying people, mean people
Floor: level 5

Name:Scar Dragon
Age: 13
Species: wolf
Powers: summon dark sword that can shape shift into anything
bio: only looking for a place to call home and friends
side: Evil and sometimes good
personality: loyal

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Name: Joniku the Hedgehog
Age: 698+2
hometown: Sammyland
Personality: i liek big butts and i cannot lie, i pley videeo gaems, my parter jaque per prower is da best
Likes: Banjo kazooie stuff
Dislikes: Egorapture and livebarrys
Toilet trained?: no



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Name: Sonic "sonikku" the hedgehog
Age: 16
personality: i love to fight im a very kind and loving person so im easy to get a long with i make sure nothing is awkward when im around and i always like a good adventure (fighter pretty much)
likes: chili dogs, running, adventures
dislikes: Eggman, any villain that threatens my friends, Water, and bullies.
floor: 5
skills/abilities: spindash, speed, light speed attack, homing attack, super sonic, super sonic 2, super sonic 3, dark sonic levels 1 to 3, fire sonic, ice sonic, Excalibur sonic, wherehog sonic, hyper sonic, semi true hyper sonic, true hyper sonic, nega sonic, chaos god sonic and ultimate chaos god sonic (in this rp only can be used by gathering tons of chaos emerald energy) there's more abilities but to many to be named. fusion abilities: can turn shadic super shadic. and hyper shadic  with (shadow only))
bio: bio: just a guy who loves adventure i always love a good challenge my favorite food is chili dogs i am the hero of mobius i protect mobius from eggman, and once was a freedom fighter i have saved mobius from as long as i can remember i always like making new friends and my rival is none other than shadow the hedgehog i will always rise to a challenge to protect my friends from danger.

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oh ma god i was promoted to moderator XD what for? +Lovin Girl 
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