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What we do looks like this:

More examples of actual play by some of our members:

How it works: Come along for 12:00pm and meet folk in the main bar. At 12:15-12:20 we head downstairs to the lounge bar and everyone who is going to run something pitches what it is they will run, up to how many players can be accommodated, and what the game is about.

It might be GM led or it might be more of a story game with the expectation that everyone contribute equally. When this is complete everyone says what it is they want to play.

At 12:30 your group grabs a table and starts playing!

The slot finishes by around 4:30pm and the pitching process then repeats at around 5pm for the evening slot. 

Want to pitch for the first time at Indiemeet? We want to help: We love members stepping forward to pitch the games they love. If it's your first time pitching at Indiemeet then tell a host and we'll try to fill that game first.

Newcomers Choice: We love to welcome new people to the meetup. So in the first slot, if it's your first visit to London Indiemeet, then we'll ask you what you want to play and make sure that runs!
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