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Yesterday was light. Some push-ups and squats. Today I baselined overhead press and probably went too low at 95. Got 5x5 in though, but can likely jump to 105 next time.

Took a page from Vox Day since I can't really crank the music before grandma is up, and left the treadmill running, hopped on between lifts, and read. No, not War and Peace. Souldancer. 

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Meet my second favorite strongman, after Conan. No belt, always helpful. Pitter patter, let's get at 'er. And agricultural halls are for agricultural music, not for fucking raves. (Missing from the montage is: "Does a duck with a boner drag weeds?)

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Week 11 in:

BMI 27.3 weight 181.8 lbs, %fat 23.0, %Bone 3.7, %water 59.7, %muscle 35.1.

Down 3.6 lbs from last week. Which is also 0.6 lbs down from my previous low of 182.4. It's good for the morale and I feel I am getting back on track. I'm planning to do a hike like yesterday's every weekend if I can. Also the body fat at 23.0 is now in the "normal range" for someone my age. BMI still considered overweight so I guess it's normal for men my age to be overweight. I want to be abnormal which if the normal in book is correct <16%. Good to see some progress again and see a path forward.

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A coda on leadership and athletics. Anything I do, it is for this guy. (Blue pants foreground right.) The exercise is free fencing and, upon a called stop, a lunge with technical emphasis on the legs. (With kids you just show positive examples rather than give correction.)

I would have his leading heel turned inward and online, but you can't ask for better legs. The others haven't got it yet, that 90 degrees in the leading leg. That is a long attack already! I realize this might be boring. But it such a pleasure to see technique grow organically, through repeated example and good leadership. It counts even (perhaps especially) with kids.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 at 08:46

Set 1: 0.07 mi | 2 min
Set 2: 0.1 mi | 2 min
Set 3: 0.1 mi | 2 min
Set 4: 0.1 mi | 2 min
Set 5: 0.1 mi | 2 min

Push Up
Set 1: 25 reps
Set 2: 25 reps

Pull Up
Set 1: 3 reps

Set 1: 135 lb × 5
Set 2: 185 lb × 5

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Urban hike today. Not too many pictures as it was mostly through neighborhoods. From Queen Anne through Interbay to Discovery Park then down the bluff to the lighthouse on the bluff near the wastewater treatment plant. Then back with a stop for lunch at Red Mill Burgers. Had basic cheeseburger and boysenberry shake. Skipped the fries. 32,151 steps, and 15.4 miles round trip. Feeling it in my hips. Started out 34F but got over 50F and in the direct sun I got hot. Some small amount of sunburn on my face. Good day. 
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Sunday night here and I finished a rather productive weekend.

Friday I ran unit PT, did stations where everybody rotated every 5-10 minutes followed by a run. I ran the 10 burpees, 20 pushups, 20 body squat section. Kicked my ass having to do it over and over. After work I went on a run with my wife for 50ish minutes.

Saturday I skipped the gym and went on a morning mountain hike up our local mountain, Mt. Ogosu. A Fun little hike I made tougher by loading my pack with water jugs. Spring is here so it was really beautiful.

Today I hit the gym and knocked out my kettlebell, pushup, overhead press rotation. Kicked my ass. Followed it up by getting rid of the 6foot weeds making up my yard, gardening is hard work. I'm damn exhausted.



Did NOT lift weights again this last week. Fam issues, plus the daylight savings jump, plus maybe some bug on top of that kicked my ass, BUT did still get 60 - odd pushups and 20 bodyweight squats in THursday and Saturday mornings.

That said, I have hope. I have updated my blog every single M-F for months now, which was the goal I set. Getting that time prioritization practice will help - has helped, actually - with other things, like excercise.

As an aside - there's a pamphlet on dealing with Alzheimers patients that basically says "live in their world". OK, some of it, insofar as not arguing with them because they don't see reality/may be remembering something completely different from decades ago, and don't understand where they are is understandable. I'll have to work on redirect vice "agree" though - I don't deal well mixing reality and fantasy. I can work in either but am not going to willfully gaslight myself/constantly shift contexts just to get along. It's crazy-making.

Damn near the last paragraph was "don't give up , but remember that 60% of caregivers die before their patients".

Granted, many of that 60% are spouses or in the same age range, but gee, I wonder why, if you're deliberately fucking with your own head just to keep in sync with the ALZ family member..

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Phew boy I am beat. Got in the gym yesterday. I did everything I did last time but I really just try to wipe myself out. One more rep. I am going as heavy as I can on everything as long as I can get four to six reps out of it. I want to get yuuuuge!
I've been so hungry all yesterday and today. 
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