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Fellow interpreters! Hope you are all well and that we will be getting to meet/ see each other during the Kress Meetup in one month! (Who is planning to come to that, by the way?) Anyway, I wanted to share a link to a project the Met did called '"Viewpoints: Body Language." I heard about this for the first time during AAM on a session about inclusive museum programming for visitors with all abilities. They used the example of the ASL interpreter sharing insights about the Saint Sebastian piece but I thought this entire project was just such an incredible example of some really dynamic interpretive work! 

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Kress friends!

I wanted to share the interpretive blog that I have been working on developing for the High Museum. The link is below. I would love to hear your thoughts/ feedback/ any suggestions you might have.



Hello fellow fellows! I hope you are all doing well and that we can all catch up a bit in a hangout sometime soon.

I am writing because I am currently working on a new and exciting project here at the High Museum: an interpretive blog focused around the theme of "social engagement." The idea came out of discussions that my colleagues and I were having as we have been preparing for the annual meeting of AAM and my hope is that this blog will allow us and our public to engage with and explore the museum's collection, exhibitions and programs through the lens of activism, community, social practice and empowerment.The blog will have two main roles: it will 1) provide visitors with additional content around works and projects taking place at the museum and 2) be a platform for public engagement, discussion, and participation around these topics. My real hope is that this project will incite some exciting and experimental approaches in visitor engagement and really get our public's voice in the mix in new and exciting ways! Although the project is moving very fast, I am very excited for its potential.

I was writing because I would love to pick all of your brains about any ideas you might have for ways we might be able to use the blog as an engagement tool. Have any of you worked on similar projects? Have you seen any really successful digital engagement initiatives at other museums? Or other successful initiatives relating to themes of social engagement? Would love to hear any thoughts or brilliant ideas you might have and hope to hear more about the projects you're working on as well!

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Hello all! Alyssa here, Kress Interpretive Fellow at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts. I am working as a museum educator for the School Partnership Program, teaching K-12 students through the Visual Thinking Strategies method.

I am a California native, born and raised in warm, sunny Santa Monica. I moved up to Northern California to study as an undergrad at UC Berkeley where I majored in History of Art. During my last semester I wrote my honors thesis, "Image-Making and Problem-Solving: Exploring Optics, Cognition and Temporality in The Spinners and Las Meninas." I graduated in May of 2013, and spent a year working at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. I was first supporting the Education staff with their K-12 museum visits for their Georgia O'Keeffe Special Exhibition. Then, I did a second internship there where I gathered data from teacher evaluation surveys and wrote program reports for the department. I have also worked as a curatorial intern at the Berkeley Art Museum, and as a tutor for math and reading programs in Los Angeles. 

As a future leader in museum education, I am really interested in opening up the museum as a space for learning and exploration for people of all backgrounds and disciplines. I want to strengthen relationships between museums and schools by working collaboratively with classroom teachers, and coming up with ways to really build art museums as a valuable resource for students.

My current research interests focus on thinking about how the act and processes of observing, analyzing and discussing a work of art develops visual literacy skills, which then support and enhance students' literacy for other languages and disciplines. 
This is my first time in New England and I am enjoying exploring (getting lost) the city. I am also interested in taking short trips and traveling to the surrounding areas so recommendations are welcome! I have been a competitive athlete all my life (swimming and rowing) and am possibly transitioning towards a new sport in the city of marathon running. This picture sums me up. When I'm not thinking about art and education, I love getting outdoors, hiking, running, and cycling up mountains, enjoying existing.

All the best, I look forward to hearing about your journeys and experiences!

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Hello all! The Kress Interpretive Fellows Google Community page is up and running! Our Google Hangout Sessions will be starting in a few weeks time. Until then, feel free to post bios, intros, questions, or pictures to share your Fellowship experience with the larger museum community. Photography is now allowed in the Gardner courtyard, here is my first shot! 

Hi everyone! This is Nina, the Kress Museum Interpretation Fellow at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. I am kicking this off with a bio: 

Before moving down South, I graduated with my M.A. degree from the Williams College Graduate Program in the History of Art. While there, I was focusing my research around issues of the body in art, phenomenology, memory, and trauma. I wrote my qualifying paper on British Sculptor Rachel Whiteread's Holocaust memorial in Vienna, Austria. I am also interested in gender, feminist, and queer theory and am especially interested in the ways that critical theory might help inform interpretive practice in cultural institutions.

While at Williams, I worked at the Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA-- where Lauren works now!) in what was first the education department, and what is now more of an engagement department. My time at WCMA was what really pushed me toward an interest in interpretation and public engagement. 

Before starting graduate school, I worked at a book arts gallery in New York City, called Central Booking Art Space, where I served as the Editor and Designer of their quarterly magazine. It was a very ambitious but very exciting undertaking! I loved working with artists, and enjoyed the interdisciplinary quality of both the gallery's exhibition program -- which centered around the intersections of science and art-- as well as my position there. I have also held positions in the Education Department and in the Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. 

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. I graduated from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania in 2011. Beyond the academic and professional interests mentioned above, I also write poetry, am an aspiring gardener and dedicated terrarium maker, am an avid collector of antiques and oddities, and I love to cook (mostly vegetarian). 

Looking forward to hearing more about everyone else as well!

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This page is a place to share our ideas and experiences as Kress Interpretive Fellows. For more information about the Kress Foundation in general, follow this link!
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