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the party don't start till I walk
Name: Susan Angelina (after Susan B Anthony)
Age: 15
Gender: f
Appearance: pictures
Job: Keeper of runners and builder
Personality: friendly, fierce, caring, brave, impulsive, stubborn, protective, intelligent
Family: Chuck (+newt fan yay) is her younger bro
Likes: Chuck, Newt, friends, running in general, reading, singing, drawing
Dislikes: Gally, Grievers, Maze, WICKED
Bio: I don't remember anything other than Chuck being my brother
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Sits I am lonely all the time Newt. I feel like I don't belong here cause everybody thinks am annoying 

Susan walks along the field near the Homestead when...

 goes to Frypan kind hungry what you making 

Man I wish Thomas was here sits alone thinking  

Hey I am here to make my own Role play of Maze Runner 

You can be who ever you want I really don't have rules.. 

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Theres Alby,Newt, Thomas And Minho available. I am Chuck  12 and am a slooper I am a male. I am kind of annoying to most of the characters 

I forgot Gally too 
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