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Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett! Is Easy Video Suite worth it?

Easy Video Suite is the first all in one video tool marketing that records, edits, tracks, publishes, optionally add events & gateways and can even create beautiful presentations with pre-made templates.
Easy Video Suite is by far the most popular video marketing software used by thousands of business owners and online marketers. Anyone that is involved in video marketing knows that Easy Video Suite is a must have.


Easy Video Suite by Josh Bartlett has completely changed the video marketing industry. Imagine every possible feature and possibility with video and video marketing, now put it altogether and you have Easy Video Suite.

Easy Video Suite is the first ever COMPLETE all-in-one video marketing tool. You've probably heard or seen the industry standard Easy Video Player or Easy Video Player 2.0. EVP was released in 2010 and almost instantly became the industry brand name for video marketing software, it's been 2 years since Easy Video Player 2.0 launched and now Josh Bartlett has come out with something truly revolutionary, a complete video marketing game changer.

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