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(Profile Template) Pic 1. Spartan/Pic 2. Halo Universe Map






(Armor Colors)






Fireteam Profile Template

(Fireteam Name)

(Leader Of Fireteam)



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This community got a lot of people. Can every one please make there profiles

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Hey +Steven Tran i might delete this community because no one will join so i am going to make an original community.

(Name) Cyrus

(Age) 29

(Gender) Male

(Visor) Starfire


(Armor Colors) Black, Orange, white

(Rank) Commander

(Faction) U.N.S.C.

(Homeworld) Jericho Colony VII

(Weapons) DMR, Magnum, Frage Grenades, Plasma Grenades

(Equipment) Active Camouflage

(Bio) Unkown

hey awesome community

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