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Anyone in Australia selling a controller?

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Have we really seen everything there is to see about the Nintendo Switch?

I think the tablet could be coupled with a cardboard like headset including accelerometers and gyroscope to provide a VR experience where controls would be the detached Joycons L and R or the good old Wiimote - Nunchuck combo.

What are your thoughts? Will the Nintendo Switch modular nature allow it to do more that what is shown in the trailer or have we seen the whole thing already? 

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Eldon has put up a blog post for rooting/re-rooting your ouya!

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what the best mmo games to play on Ouya ?

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Since most ouya users will (hopefully) be moving onto the Forge I thought I'd post this here... the demo works great on the Forge and the game deserves some attention!
I only found this yesterday - but I am already impressed!

First some info:
"Space Jammers is a 1-4 player Co-Op, Top Down, Bullet Hell, Glitch, SHMUP, Rogue-Like, with Online Community Achievements, Unlockables, some persistent elements, weapon crafting and randomly generated levels, bosses, and items. It is a mash-up of several games: Gauntlet/Smash TV and Asteroids/Galaga. Up to four players can play together on one screen, dodging bullets in slow motion.

You play as a band of alien kitten pirates on a music tour. While traveling across the galaxy, your crew stops to raid a ship when they disturb an ancient capsule and are transported to another dimension.

Stay alive long enough to reach the next exit before it closes forever. Will the next portal take you home or some hostile reality filled with deadly fast food products? Grab your ammo and some friends then dive down the rabbit hole with the Space Jammers!"

Coming soon to Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and Android TV (which is why I was so interested!)

* Top Down Shooting and SHMUP play styles
* Single screen co-op multiplayer (1-4)
* Revive your fallen comrades, the action never stops!
* Each character has unique skills
* Bullet Time
* Random Level Generation
* Assortment of weapons, items and skills
* Level up Skills to gain powerful abilities
* Randomly generated items grant unique effects to play style
* Interchangeable weapons and bullet power-ups
* Randomly generated Bosses
* Endless play
* Keyboard/Mouse and XBox Controller Support

There are even demos up for all formats - again including Android TV!

So go try it out for yourself!

The itch.io page is here: http://spreadshot.itch.io/space-jammers
and the devs twitter is here: http://twitter.com/SpreadShotDev

#indiegame   #indiedev   #spacejammers   #androidtv   #roguelike   #multiplayer  

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I've had such success with MAME on my Ouya, I've decided I want to get another one and use it as the heart of a 4 player arcade cabinet. It'll be a long-term project to do it right but it will be lots of fun when I finish.

Heyho! Anyone here selling some colored faceplates for the OUYA Controllers? Thanks!

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Greetings to you all from portugal
I know this may be crazy but I would like to explain my situation.

I recently bought my Ouya second-hand and I'm really like it but I have some ideas in my head and i would like anyone knew or someone had tried my situations.

1 - All USB HUBS are compatible with the Ouya? I've heard of some are not.

2 - The external disk can be served as internal storage to be able to sideload apps of avoiding using the internal storage (8 GB is too little for what I want to install) .I have ROOT and Google Play and I know that there are several applications to move applications for SD card such as APP2SD

3- Can I connect a USB or wireless keyboard and mouse? Its better to navigate for me.

4 - Can i use the notebook as a screen to be able to play? I don't want to use TV that my family is always at home watching. I know that almost all notebooks have HDMI OUT then you cannot connect via HDMI

There will be no other way using USB adapters, or VGA or RCA

I've seen people play ps3 on NOTEBOOK through EasyCap which is an RCA video capture adapter to USB.

Using an HDMI-RCA adapter, then using the EasyCap would be possible to connect the Ouya to the notebook. The EasyCap costs less than 15 € the adapter less than 10 € I will try. I hope it's not a shot in the dark XD

Before you say something,do a research.

If i discover something new im going to post here the news

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