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Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Night Fury
Mate: NightShade +Angel Cody
Babies: over hundred in all
Siblings: unknown
Parents: unknown
Island born on: unknown
Speed: unknown
Bio: can't remember his past, all he can remember is crashing landing into a forest and was about to killed by some creatures that lurks the forest but NightShade came and saved him. He's also Secretly a Legendary Night fury but no body knows and Mated with NightShade at least 4 times.
Personality: Hates humans riding him, Likes making new friends and loves Salmon but hates eels
Strength: NightShades Love
Weakness: tries to do things on his own and refuses help
Body Type: Slim and Sexy and his muscles are shown easily

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Name: Ally
Gender: Female
Age: 13 in HTTYD 1, 16 in RTTE, 18 in HTTYD 2
Dragons: Comet the Night Fury, Light Wing the Flightmare
Bio: She woke up on Berk knowing nothing of her past. She was accepted on Berk, however they did not trust her with a dragon. One day Hiccup found a Flightmare egg while exploring with Toothless, and he let Ally take care of it. When the Flightmare hatched, she named it Light Wing. She also met two Night Furies: Comet and Green Blade. She trained Comet and her friend, Finn, trained Green Blade.

Name: Finn
Gender: Male
Age: 13 in HTTYD 1, 16 in RTTE, 18 in HTTYD 2
Dragons: Green Blade the Night Fury
Bio: When he and his friend Ally went exploring, they found 2 Night Furies. He trained one of them and named her Green Blade. Green Blade is very loyal to Finn and will do anything to protect him. She is the sister of Comet, Ally's Night Fury.
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Thanks for the invite! :)

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Who dares to try and tame the savage beast sapphire
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rawr! greetings!
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Thank you so much for inviting me +GlowingClaw the Tidal Strike fury
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