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How to install SWS

Click on this link to subscribe to the beta program and you'll get SWS play store link:

If play store says the app doesn't exist, just wait for some time and try back. Google takes some time to register new subscriptions.

Donde se puede descargar?

Donde puedo descargar la actualización?

I am unable to get this app to work on my Zenwatch 3. At first it worked just fine but not anymore. I have uninstalled and installed several times with no luck. Was forced to use Feel the wear. I would rather use Smart Wear system. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks

Hi everybody,

as you might already know, a few month ago my Google Play Publisher account has been terminated because of an app about Pokemon Go i had published.

I'm not allowed to open a new account myself.

So i'm looking for somebody who will host my apps on his dev account.

Until then i won't be able to provide you with updates.

So i you have a dev account and are ok to host my android wear apps (no pokemon apps of course) or if you don't have one but are willing to open one (in this case i would pay you the account opening fee) let me know.

i wish you all an happy new year !


Hello is there a new app for wear??

No puedo actualizar mis aplicaciones

hello everyoner

SWS Alpha 11c

Extended validity date until 31/12/2016
New toggle in settings to disable gps use

Hey +Cyril Preiss,
it seems like there is a little Bug in your Brightness Control.

If i choose 100% it just sets the Brightness to 1%.
99% works fine.

I also got the message, that my version is 2 old. Maybe you can add this little bugfix in your nxt version ;-) :D

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