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If you’re looking for a singular remedy on how to deal with your baby during your ceremony, I have to apologize, because I have none.  There really is no right or wrong answer to this.  You know your child better than others.  Maybe you bring toys; maybe you incorporate them into the ceremony.  Perhaps, you don’t even bring them to your wedding (I know that is a real popular option). #OahuWeddings #DreamWeddingsHawaii #HawaiianWeddings #HawaiiBeachWeddings 

Thanks to everyone that has joined! I still haven't done much with this yet, but I intend to get a new site up soon called which will be dedicated to providing an online bridal show experience. I want to try and get some good guest blog posts that provide help for couples getting married. I'll have more information as I have time to work on it.

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Wedding Professionals community! I encourage you to showcase your work, discuss the wedding business with other vendors or answer questions from brides and grooms all in one location.

This area is to showcase the wedding vendors that participate on this forum. All other posts will be deleted.

This is the area where vendors can showcase their work. Please note that anything that is considered spam will be removed. Please keep it classy.

Brides and grooms in the Lehigh Valley welcome! Ever have a question that you would love to ask the wedding community at large? Want to get the experience and information from a bridal show for free at any time? Now is your chance. Feel free to ask the questions that you need answers to here among a great group of wedding professionals in the Lehigh Valley PA.

Photographers, bakers, florists, DJ's, venues, and anyone else I am forgetting - here is a place where we can discuss the wedding business, the Lehigh Valley and create a dialogue that will hopefully benefit us all in this difficult business.
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