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If you are new to scratch don't worry this community will teach you how to use scratch you'll be surprised on what you can create with scratch and if anything that does not look like it should go hear tell me and I'll get rid of it

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Scratch Tutorial , Learn how to make a character jump in Scratch using Gravity and other variables to make it look like Mario Jumping Style! This is a video to start making your very own platformer or platform game.
In part 02 we will make our character Jump and I will show you how to adjust the jumping variables :D

This is a beginners tutorial series for Scratch but it won't be that simple because I will show you:
how to make a character JUMP setting "Gravity" and yVelocity
how to set the ground of the platform
how to use Sprites and backdrops from Scratch's Library,
how to resize (grow or shrink ) sprites in scratch,
how to move sprites in Scratch,
how to modify vector sprites,
how to record sounds in Scratch and use sounds
how to broadcast in scratch
how to detect collisions in scratch (is touching )

and many things more in these tutorial series for Scratch!
P01 P02

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if you like the old game i recreated pong for pepole to play
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