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((This post will be the list of bosses for the story and what's happening in the story itself))


Sly the Thief
Evolved Skag
Mad King
T1T4N the Fire Bringer
God King the Unslayable
*Eos the Invincible
*Typhon the Immortal
(The ones with * might not be in the story)

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This is my on updating her.
Borderlands oc 1
Name: Crystal
Class:Sarcastic Bitch,Yet one hell of an assassin
Nicknames:Cristie, and Cherry
Age: 19
Sexual orientation:Pansexual
Occupation:Assassin , crimson raiders
Family:Axton (her stupid older brother
Best friend: Gaige,Krieg and tina
Love interest:none (though my favorite character s are handsome jack,idk why...and Maya))
personality: sarcastic at most times, blunt, and well a loving caring person
Likes:Music,guitars,guns,knives,and blood
dislikes: snotty people who are assholes 
Habits: Smoking
Specialities:Can tell if danger is ahead
Motto:"If I worry about other bitches...I would be just like them... another worried bitch" and "sex is a part of nature. I follow nature" 

Weapons:Fire weapons , snipers, machine guns , a katana blade and sometimes a machete.
Fighting Style:doesn't really have one , just goes with whatever. 

Dr. Zed is in the who needs fixin'?

Name: Kavek
Occupation: Mercenary
Age: 26
Gender: male
Class: Commando
Weapons: Slab-Slab Buffalo Rifle (Jakobs scopless sniper rifle), Bullets go fasterfied plasma caster (E-tech Bandit SMG), Potential Face-Time (Hyperion shotgun), Leather Widow Maker (High damaging Jakobs Widow Maker).
Equipment: Deadly Acid Nova Shield, Exploding Kiss of Death (grenade mod from Moxxi), Vitality Relic, Grisly Pointman class mod.
Species: Sergal (He is my furry oc, please don't hate/judge)
Magic: Can summon an Alpha Skag sized Warrior (minus a ton of it's powerful capabilities)
Bio: Kavek came from the planet Tal to hunt for the Vault and wound up missing his chance. He had settled in Sanctuary after the Warrior was killed. He had found a piece of the Warrior in Eridium Blight and has summoned a much smaller, less powerful version of the Warrior. After keeping the small Eridian Warrior, he went to the town of Overlook and settled down in the Holy Spirits to get some Rakk-Ale.

i have all of my charecter maxed out in each game of borderlands

+corbin the gamer hero​ is getting this community because I could care less about what happens. Bye

is anyone alive here?

arrives it to Pandora
well its time for my life here to start
((open rp))

I think its time for this commutie to come back to life

name: Corbin
gender: male
age: no one knows yet
class: sniper, engineer
weapons: sniper, shotgun, ninja sword, turrets
nickname: wolf
bio: no one knows yet
species: human 

Occupation: hero
I will update this profile
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