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Name: Evelyn
Age: 15

(( I am playing as Jason Crypto ))I have two guards at my sides, each holding an arm. My hands are tied behind my back. I have my head down, but my eyes seem to wander around as I pass all the demigods training. I look up at one of the guards. I use the most persuasive voice possible and say... You know, this isn't very fun for you guys I bet. How about you just set me down over there and you guys go take a break, huh. Its not like I could go anywhere anyways. With Zeus watching me 24-7, please. The guards pay no attention. I look at one of the demigods I pass and smirk. I flip my hair, trying to get it out of my face. I hold my head up high while I'm being escorted back to my cell

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Name: Jason Crypto
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Type of hero: Roman Demigod
God/Goddess Parent: Hades
Personality: Strong, Mysterious, Persuasive, Evil, Sinister
Likes: Fighting, Tricking People, Being Alone
Dislikes: Weaklings, Being Envious
Appearance: short black hair with red highlights, red eyes, black t-shirt, black shorts, black tennis shoes with a hint of red, a gold necklace
Backstory: Jason was sent to Camp Half-Blood as punishment for a crime. He tried to awaken Cronus. He is very evil and can easily trick people. He is really close to his father, Hades. The god of the underworld. Jason is very sinister and doesn't have any friends (for obvious reasons). He sometimes participates in competitions just to get revenge on demigods. He always pushes his limits. He seeks revenge for the person who punished him. He doesn't know who that person was, but he is eager to find out.

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Everyone was by the camp fire because of the snow, but as much as Dakota wanted to stay he had to go on patrol, when he was in position he spotted harpies flying at me, I was at the roman camp for a while to visit some of my friends, so then I called you and my other friends out to fight the harpies with me


Glaring at the distroction of the Roman base before being thrown into the Roman jail and being beaten all day for the explosion then they said today is your biggest punishment meet.... ((person who joins plays as the person))

((open for 2 spots ones my friend and one is the roman group leader))

(On patrol late at night with my friend and we see a group of Romans charging tword the camp with 5 people in there group) ah hell! we have to alert the other guards! one roman see us and throws a rope and wraps around my leg 

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name: Dakota Crozby
age: 15
gender: male
type of hero: Greek demigod, son of Hermes
appearance: wheres a black ushanka hat (image below is a ushanka hat)
tall been at camp half blood for 2 years, slim and strong
Specialty: can take lots of hits, spear/ trident throwing
Bio: after his dad died his mother lead him to camp half blood but on the way she was killed by a furry and he has been training for 2 years 
weapon: Trident and small dagger
magic item: Hermes flying sneakers 

Name: Sam Chase
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Type of hero: Demigod
God/Goddess Parent: Athena
Personality: Strong, smart, strategic, weapons expert
Likes: Fighting, Friends, Strategy
Dislikes: Weaklings, enemy
Appearance: Short brown hair with gold highlights (like in my profile picture :D), black cargo shorts, a gray long-sleeved  shirt, sometimes a black and red sweatshirt, brown leather belt with a Celestial Bronze sword, black and red tennis shoes, light blue eyes
Backstory: Sam came to Camp Half-Blood when she was young with a couple of her friends. She learned quickly how to fight and defend herself. She participates in lots of competitions involving fighting. She is hard to become friends with since she is really picky about who she is close with. Never get on her bad side.

Hello everyone! my name is Griff and hope you enjoy this community! start by describing your Character in the hero profiles! and i hope everyone has a fun time!
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