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Andrew Bell

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
If you're ordering direct (thanks!), S5 is now up in the shop and shipping immediately. (awesome new A-F scarves are up there too!)
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Aussie dollar is so low atm the can't afford it 
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Andre Schlüter

General Android Collectible Talk  - 

This time without pictures coz only a few empty Collectible Cases (2x DIY, 1x S02, 1x S03, 1x S04) to store my Android Boxes, which I received from my favorite german reseller​ thanks again
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Yup I will do that soon, thanks ! 
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Two new friends: UX Researcher and ITA Aviator. Thanks +Kain Jiang  #mailday   #google   #androidminicollectible  
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Trywira Surya

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Another mail day ... Custom by mrkumkum(IG)
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+Dan Vila you should! they are adorable :3
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Steve Brown

Share Your Customs / DIY Tips  - 
I've been waiting for this day all month. These are works of art and I'm so thankful to +Hitoshi Mitani​ for taking the time to make Kit Kat and ICS for me!
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+Yossi Elkrief 
possible. :-)  , depends on schedule, budget, motivation, busyness, ..etc.
If you have any request, please pm me.
please NOT HO. private share post on G+,  or e-mail via
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Olivier Jobert

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Looks like there is a new box for android mini collectible standard edition because of new font !

New DIY box too ?

Source : evilBay

#android #google #androidmini
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+Andrew Bell​ can you explain us maybe? Will they be available on your shop soon? Thanks :)
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Erin Pierce

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Has anyone ever tried to figure out the replacement value of their collection for insurance purposes? I have accumulated every publicly available Android collectible, including boxed sets and all non-GE special editions. I'd like to have them appraised and added to our homeowners insurance policy, but I don't know where to start. Any suggestions?
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Rob Szarek

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Here's a set of graphs showing the number of times a bugdroid of a certain type is found in a case where (x,y) = (1,1)  is the lower front left corner of the case. Enjoy.
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Haha that's incredible! 
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Neo DooM

Share Your Collection  - 
late mail day but here is my series 5 box in order for the community knowledge base ;) i also got astro ape and meat master separately!
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+Neo DooM haha he looks so uncomfortably squished in there. "Help im stuck!!"  
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Brent Beaton

Trades and Sales  - 
Here are some that I'm looking to part with.
Every one comes with it's original box, photos available upon request Prices are listed and I'll also discuss any interesting trade offers as well.

Series 2
Greeneon $9.00
Hexcode $9.00
Iceberg $9.00

Series 3
Nexus $9.00
Whoogle $9.00

Series 4
Fisherman $9.00
Yellow $7.00
2x2 $9.00
Core Dump $9.00
Caveman $9.00
Wee Ninja $9.00
Astronomiton $7.00
Gold $7.00 - SOLD

Series 5
Fire in my Belly $50.00
Totem (V) $45.00
Sk8Cop $9.00
Skeledroid $9.00
Hello World $9.00
Totem $9.00
Cookie Master $9.00
Ice in my Belly $9.00
Hoops Fanatic $9.00
Chrome $9.00 - SOLD
To-Fu Oyako $9.00
SturnBrau $9.00
Panda $9.00
Orange $9.00

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping (from Canada).
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public dibs on gold, chrome and astonomiton. hangouts message sent.
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Chris Hanus

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Newb Question

What kind of putty can I use on my figures that wont cause any damage to them and help me stop them from tipping over?  

I know this has been asked before but I cant find the posts!
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I've been using Museum Putty, I think I got mine off Amazon.
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Update for the Google editions. Unfortunately one of the UX Researcher will leave us soon. There is only space for one Researcher in the Room divider. #androidcollectibles
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Olivier Jobert

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Joyeux anniversaire, +Giovanni Calabrese !
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Happy Birthday Giovanni Calabrese
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Thank YOU !!!!!
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Brent Beaton

Share Your Collection  - 
Series 5 complete!

They fit nicely beside the other series.
Now to start saving my pennies for the one that I'm missing.
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Missing rusty :(
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David Powell

Trades and Sales  - 
Hi all,

Thought I would give this one more week before I reluctantly move these little guys to eBay. I've also updated the prices on some items including the Series 1 chase figures.

Drop me a hangout if interested.


Below is my updated list of Android Mini Collectibles which I've (reluctantly) decided to sell including Series 1 thru 4 (including chase figures - marked with a *). I wanted to list these here rather than ebay as I wanted the community to have first dibs and I know everyone here will appreciate/look after these little fellas.

If you are interested in any of the items (or multiple items - I'll consider % discounts for complete sets/series, bulk purchases, etc.) please let me know and I will place them on hold until we can finalise payment and shipping. I am Australia based, so International orders are welcome and I'll combine postage for multiple items.

Please note all series 1-3 figures do not come with boxes unless otherwise indicated.

All prices are quoted in USD. I accept Paypal for payment and all orders will be shipped out on the following Wednesday or Saturday after payment is processed.

Series 1:
APK2008* $225 (with box)
Copper Wash/Rusty* $495 (with box)
Standard Green $25
Albino $60
Copperbot $40
Creature $75
Darknet $70
Hi-Voltage $45
Invader* $150
Octopoid $60
Reactor (GID) $85
Worker $110

Series 2:
Rupture SOLD
Racer $10
Noogler SOLD
Mecha* $60
GD-927 $10
Cyan* $50
Cupcake SOLD
Chocolate Cupcake* $45
Blackbeard $10
Bernard $10
Bluebot $10
Greeneon $10 x 2
Hexcode $15 x 2 - 1 SOLD
Iceberg $10

Series 3:
Agent Rawr* $75
Agent Argh* $75
Inner Workings* $75
Pandroid $7.50 x 3
Sir Knightly Bild $7.50 x 2
Escape Ape $10
Cry-On x 2 $10
8-Ball Hustler $7.50
Intergalactic x $10
Professor Skully McRivethead $7.5 x 2
Barista Bot $10
Clear $15
Red $5
Nexus $5
Whoogle $5

Series 4: 
Flipmode (Green)* $75
Track Star $10
Wee Ninja $10
Dicktator $10
Core Dump x 3 $10
Stresstech $10
Cry-On $10
Fisherman $10
Flipmode (Red) $10
Gold x 3 $7.5 x 3
Yellow $10
Caveman $10 x 2
Astronomiton $7.5
2x2 $10
Chrome Green* $75

Artist Proofs (Series 4):
Fisherman 24/25 (with Croc, sketch, signed card) SOLD
Samurai* 29/30 $225

Chinese New Year Editions:
Cal Shen: God of Wealth $45
3 Gods (Set of 3) $85
Year Of The Horse $25
Dancing Lion $25 x 2

Holiday Editions:
Blue & Red Tree Ornaments (Set) $35
Toy Soldier $40 ON HOLD
Frankie Frost $35
Flakes $35

Halloween Editions:
Power Vampire $55
Werewolf $30
Trickertreat $30 x 2
Lucky Lucy $10 x 2

Summer Editions:
BBQ Blue Set $45
BBQ Red Set Comicon 2012 $80

Heroes & Villains Editions:
Heroes vs Villains (set of 4) $85
Heroes vs Villains 2 (set of 4) $30

Other Editions:
Lucky Cat Full Set Boxed $75
Android Rainbow Full Set Boxed $45
Don Pablo Calaveroid $25

Mini Big Box Series:
Green SOLD
Business Man $7.5
Taxi Bot $7.5
Yeti $7.5
Pinkey $7.5
Bear $7.5
Ruby Red $7.5
Tennis $30 ON HOLD
Doctor $30 ON HOLD
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Series one standard green, chocolate cupcake, cyanogen for me please
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Nick Berrett

Share Your Customs / DIY Tips  - 
Just finished up this custom Android Little Freak for +Dan Vila 
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+Brad Hoschar email me or you can follow me and send me a DM on Instagram - chainsawnick
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Henry Swantner

Share Your Collection  - 
I can't believe I came across someone getting rid of a sealed case of Series 01. :-O
It wasn't cheap, but still it seemed so unlikely I was nervous that it might never arrive or if it did be a bunch of fakes.
Looks good to me. What do you think?

But no point in me hoarding them all. Since I had a couple Series 01s previously, I can part with 3 × Standard Green (1 × PENDING), 1 × Hi-Voltage (PENDING), 2 × Creature (1 × SOLD, 1 × PENDING), 1 × Copperbot (PENDING), 2 × Darknet (1 × PENDING), & 1 × Albino with for a fair price. I'm not 100% sure what the going rate is on these currently, but we can figure it out.
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+Henry Swantner HO sent.
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Ivan Yudhi

Trades and Sales  - 
Still looking - prefer purchasing both together

Anyone selling their Green Totem and Fire in my Belly chases? I know some of you bought several cases of s5.

I sent it to +Tyler Chappell for trade and UPS managed to lost the package even before it's being shipped.

Right now my first priority is to get the figurines to Tyler. If somehow UPS managed to track them down I'll just keep the extra ones.

Please let me know if you're selling them. Prefer to deal with US collectors to reduce uncertainties. 

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No spare meat master, but I'll take the green totem if you want to let it go. Can you let me the cost?
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Stacy Devino

Share Your Customs / DIY Tips  - 

Stev-o : A depiction of my Husband in his crazy ruffled suits - complete with loud colors and paisley tie. Something like10 layers of neon pink.

DevilDroid : Horned Jackal ready to end anything in front of him

Eddard Stark : The Hand of the King (Will get "Game of Sockets" Throne
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OMG! It could be +Anthony Gordano​
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Olivier Jobert

General Android Collectible Talk  - 
Another teaser for another custom !!!!

Go go go... these amazing android customs escaped from the military camp to protect your home and displays.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...

As usual, the amazing +Infinite Rabbits made a stunning work on these little guys!

Looks like the Cthulhu Fhtagn creature took place into these android soldiers with his beautiful purple eye and a lot of grey tentacles. Also, you can see a mysterious weapon on his left arm...

There is a lot of work on this custom, the paint job is really perfect !

If you like the military style or the Howard Philips Lovecraft short story, you have to add this one to your collection. If you like beautiful customs, no problem you can add it too :D

Great news... you will have 3 opportunity to buy the Military Industrial Fhtagndroid custom ! That's amazing, right ?

Take a look at Infinite Rabbits' work on his website :

Feel free to share this post and use the #AMCCS1    !

Stay tuned for more teasers in the coming weeks...

#AMCCS1   #android   #androidmini   #androidminicollectible   #google   #designertoy   #urbanvinyl   #toylife   #popculture   #infiniterabbits   #fhtagn   #cthulhu   #hplovecraft   #military   #industrial   #custom  
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Very cool!
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