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Mena Final Paper Complete 

Mena How My Idea Changed

While writing my paper, I began to think of more things/ideas to talk about that I did not mention in my outline. There were things I figured out I could go in more depth about that I feel would satisfy the paper's big idea. I tried to adhrere to as much of the outline as I can without straying away from the big idea, and for the most part all my ideas on the outline are in my paper. I think it turned out to be a well-though out paper and I tried to get my ideas regarding comparing/contrasting the two stories as best as I could.  

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Mena Final Paper Discussion 

Paper discussion? lol
Caitlin • Wed, 9:51 PM
Lauren Mena
Yes! So we need to discuss large concept, narrower concept, things/characters/events, compare & contrast and then the "jumping off" idea 
Lauren • 1:15 PM
Megan Sours
Yes yes, I'm here for it!
So I felt that the large concept within the book was repression of self with a more narrow concept being repression of the youth, with the Lisbon sisters being an example of that within the suburban 60's
Megan • 1:17 PM
Lauren Mena
I think that's a great idea for your paper, Megan! 
I think i'm gonna tie in the story Lust by Susan Minot that was in the Scribner Anthology and talk about the girls' encounters with boys in the story and how their parents' overprotectiveness prevented them from dating so they wouldn't know the difference between love/lust 
I would also really focus on the actions of Trip/Lux 
Lauren • 1:21 PM
Megan Sours
Okay good! I was hoping so but it was a bit tough for me to narrow it all down. Oh I think that will be perfect for your paper Lauren!! It plays into a different level of the girls actions that I hadn't even thought of but is so true. You could even tie in the girls parents lack of romance or relationship anything between them to further the point of the girls not understanding love or lust
Megan • 1:23 PM
Lauren Mena
No I think your subject is complex enough to produce the amount needed for this paper! 
Lauren • 1:24 PM
Megan Sours
I might use the parents to contrast and compare between Trip and Lux like you said in showing how repressed even the parents were in their own lives trying to tie it all back to the larger idea
What would you see as your "jumping off" idea?
Megan • 1:25 PM
Lauren Mena
I don't know what the jumping off idea would be? I probably need to put some more thought into it. What is yours?
Lauren • 1:26 PM
Megan Sours
I was thinking maybe the idea that individuality and freedom comes at a price?
Megan • 1:29 PM
Lauren Mena
I think that's a great conclusion! 
Lauren • 1:30 PM
Megan Sours
Awesome! Thank you for your help! I was feeling a bit lost haha. Let me know if you need any help with yours as well!
Megan • 1:31 PM
Lauren Mena
okay I will! thanks for your input! 
Lauren • 1:32 PM
Lauren MenaMegan Sours
 I am talking about the families and the 1960s and the pressure of the family to be perfect from the outside looking in, and then if the parents are actually to blame for the death with all the pressure to be perfect. Did the parents have a impact on the girls death and if not, were the parents to strict with the girls. I  will also be doing the story lust and comparing and contrasting that even at a boarding school teenagers have free will and do what they want with or without their parents like how the Lisbon girls acted. Haha I think that makes sense? So pretty much the narrow idea is if parents have a impact on how their children act.
3:36 PM
meghan miskin
Caitlin King
I think that is a great idea! and it is closely related to what I am talking about in my paper as well! I think the topic of influence by parents seperates our papers, because mine is about the impact that society in the 1950's has on families and suicide. I think narrowing it down to just the parents influence will take your paper to the next level and you will be able to use a lot of detail
My paper is about the influence of society on women and girls and how society expects them to act. my three page paper was about how Eugenides took a stab at the 1950's as a whole and I think by incorporating the short story 'Girl' into my paper it will show exactly how society views women as a whole.
I think you could show the pros and cons for the parents being so overprotected. Because we will never know if they would've been different would that of changed the girls attitude. But if you weigh the pros and cons I think it could stretch your paper out even more
Caitlin • 49 mins
Caitlin King
Yours sounds good! I think society had a huge influence on how the parents raised the girls! I also read 'Girl' and I totally think it goes with the  theme of your paper. 
meghan miskin

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Mena Final Project Complete

Mena YouTube Project Draft Paper 

For our YouTube project, we’re making a commercial for depression medicine. We worked on filming the video on Wednesday, and were able to get all the scenes we needed done that day. I volunteered to put the video together because I have experience editing videos for another class (nothing professional, just did basic stuff). Our video turned out to be about 2 ½ minutes, and I think we did a good job showing the symptoms of depression, which relates to the book, The Virgin Suicides. In my opinion, our video turned out to be creative and effective to spread a message. I’m glad we got that out of the way so now we can just focus on the paper now. 

Mena The Virgin Suicides Movie 

When watching The Virgin Suicides movie, I felt that it did an overall good job of staying true to the book written by Jeffrey Eugenides. The movie kept a mysterious and mellow feeling throughout the whole time, and those were feelings I felt while reading the book. The actors cast were exactly as I would have imagined the characters looking like in real life, and I think the personalities portrayed were fitting and accurate. One of the big differences in the movie is that Mary Lisbon dies alongside her sisters in the last 15 minutes or so of the film. In the book, Mary survives a few weeks before committing suicide with sleeping pills. I think this twist on the book plot was probably due to time issues. 

In the book, Trip Fontaine is seen as someone who is obnoxious and a jerk. While you can see some of these qualities in the movie, he is a bit more likeable, and seems like someone who is just able to get away with a lot because of his good looks. While both the book and the movie provided raw emotion, I feel that the book was more descriptive and made the reader feel more emotional and created more of an opportunity to relate to the girls. The movie gave a post-modern take on the book because it showed an older version of Trip reminiscing on his experience with Lux, and playing with the concept of time is a component of post-modernism. 

Mena YouTube Abstract 

The message we want to get across for this project is that suicide can be hurtful to everyone around you, including: your family, friends and community. Depression can be a warning sign, and it is treatable. So it is important to seek help before it is too late. For our project, we want to do a commercial for a depression pill. Throughout the commercial, we will talk about common warning signs and symptoms that are normally experienced when someone is suffering with depression. 

The members of the group will act out these warning signs and one group member will be reading the statistics and symptoms in the background. One group member will be sitting by alone looking like her mind is wandering, one will be sitting alone looking lonely and another member will be sitting alone in class not paying attention. This project relates to the virgin suicides because it shows warning signs of depression, and had these signs been noticed, the suicides could have possibly been prevented.  

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Scribner Anthology Post 3

Girl By Jamaica Kincaid 
This short story is composed of one liners intended to help the author’s daughter become a successful and thriving housewife someday. The author teaches her daughter how to do basic household chores such as cooking, laundry and sweeping. This can be used to compare how the parents in The Virgin Suicides wanted to raise their daughters by giving them life advice similar to that of Girl. 
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