Sometimes when you win, you lose.

I'm writing a story, despite this group not being very active, I needed somewhere to post it. Constructive Criticism appreciated.

She turned in her sleep, waving an arm in the air to shoo whatever or whoever was disturbing her sleep.
Hoot! Hoot!
"Who dares disturb Trixie's slumber!" The girl suddenly yelled, her eyes still shut. She pushes out a hand, making a beam of pink light burst out, pushing away whatever it was that disturbed her sleep. 
She finally slams her hands on the ground, pulling herself up. Her eyes were now open but she couldn't see anything. She pushed her strawberry blonde hair out of her face, revealing a pair of dazzling blue eyes. Her mouth opened and closed again, taking in the scenery around her. 
The sun was high in the sky, but barely visible behind the towering cliffs that surrounded her.  She could spot what seemed to be a forest in the distance, as well as a few trees scattered around her. In the distance the sea glistened a foamy blue, nothing like the seaside holidays back home, where the sea was always a dark gray and a freezing cold, yet the beach was always full.
But that was the thing, the beach was empty. 
In Fact, everywhere was empty. 
She couldn't exactly say everywhere because wherever she was, it was huge.
"H-hello!?" She yells out in a panic. There had to be someone, somewhere. Yet, her voice only echoed back and forth through the cliffs. "My name is Trixie! I-I don't know where I am!" Again, her voice bounced around her, taunting her. Trixie felt tears in her eyes, she had never truly been alone.
There was a couple of times when everybody hated her for being a show-off, performing her magic and insulting everyone. But at least then she know her mother and father still loved her, and was there for her. And now she was alone.
"Magic!" She yells suddenly, memories flew back into her mind and she grinned. She focus' all her energy into this one spell. Considering she just woke up from a very comfortable sleep, it was quite easy. The pink aura circled her hands at first before swirling around are arms and legs, covering her torso and leaving just her head visible.
"Yes! Yes!" She yelled. As she was about to be whisked home, something stopped it. Her magical aura turned a deeper colour, a thing it had never done before, until it was pitch black. Trixie started to panic before the whole aura simply disappeared. A few sparkles remained, before being drifted away into the wind. 
Trixie stared at her hands, bewildered. She tried to start the spell again but only a few sparks flew out of her palms.
If you haven't already guessed, Trixie is a witch in some way. But, it's not just her, her whole community had magic, and was able to use it in a special a way. Around a third of her community used magic as she did, with levitation, teleportation and different spells, each using their magic in their own special way. Another third had some sort of magically connection to the earth and/or animals with the odd exception of music, making them great farmers or pet owners. The last third could fly, with their very own colourful wings, they also have the magic ability to walk on clouds and control the weather.
It wasn't just her whole community though, there were humans like all around earth, as well as cute baby dragons, which could be kept as pets to those who could take the responsibility. Like Trixie.
With the memory of her sweet baby dragon, Gem, Trixie broke down into tears. She buried her face into her hands and cried.

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Hi, my name is Jessica Sarah Gross and I am currently writing a fiction novel. This is the very first chapter and the only one I am willing to post online. I hope you enjoy the first chapter of "Who Are You?"

Theme Park Memories
By Jessica Sarah Gross

The roller-coasters,
Getting closer,
To the fall,
Don't end it all,
Catch my breathe,
After just facing death,
And do it all some more

I Hate You Troll
By Jessica Sarah Gross

I hate you troll,
You sit there hitting the down scroll,
Out of everything that you said,
Do you go through life not ashamed of it?
The hate you put up on peoples pages,
Putting peoples lives in danger,
A teenage boy killed himself yesterday,
Because you said something horrible about gays,
You sit with conviction,
Behind all your diction,
Tearing people apart,
Because your cold without a heart

I'm sorry this is so long ;-;

A Harbinger's Luck


Placing my fingers around the pendant, I looked around my room. A lot of horrors had been happening the past few days, and I didn't know what to do. I just learned yesterday that I wasn't human. That was a big set back to me. Knowing that I wasn't normal, but something else. It irritated me that my parents would hide something that secretive about my life. Why didn't they just tell me?
My mind was all around the place. Though, it did answer some questions. Like, how I got visions from the future and why I felt emotions that weren't even mine. I wasn't human. That's why I did these things that normal humans didn't do. I was a harbinger, and this is my story.
At first I thought it was a bit cool that I was in fact a Harbinger. I thought it would be cool to have visions of the future and boy was I wrong. Most of my visions aren't even good. And they almost ALWAYS come true. Sometimes my visions are of something small, like me failing a test. Sometimes I am told what route some bullies would take and how I could avoid them. Other times I would foresee deaths. I once saw the death of my older brother when I was 3 or 4. Five days later he died in what my parents said was a car crash. I knew they were lying to me since I knew how he died. He died in a high school shooting during the first week of freshman year. After my brother died life started changing for me. My visions became more frequent and more urgent. I never got to stop them though. I watched my closest family members die gruesome deaths. I saw my best friends leave me because of rumors that would affect my life forever. I then saw some of those friends die from diseases and such. I couldn't have helped them though. As I grew up I stopped believing I could change the world. I accepted what came almost willingly until I had THE vision.
It just seemed like a normal day. I woke up, got dressed and did what I had to do to start the day. It didn't FEEL as though it would be different, but something was surging inside me. I felt uneasy, and I didn't think twice about it.
I quickly walked to the bus stop, waiting for my friends like I always did. When my friends got there we started talking about some sleepover my popular ex-best friend was hosting while we waited for the bus. I had my vision as I entered the bus. The vision... I don't know how to describe that vision. All I know is that it was horrible. There were demon like creatures everywhere but no human seemed to see them. I watched as the world literally burnt to the ground. Those were just the BEST parts of the vision. I can't describe the terrible parts.
"Rora?" A voice broke me out of my reverie. I shook my head, looking over at my friend Aisha who looked at me with a concerned expression. 
"I'm fine," I amended, shaking my head again. I think I just envisioned the end of the world. And it wasn't going to end well for humans. 
I gave Aisha a weak smile, stepping up on the bus as I made my way back to our seat. People called me names as I walked back, but I just ignored them as I sat in our seat, Aisha sitting next to me and Mayla and Penny sitting behind us. There was this gut feeling, telling me something awful was going to happen.
It was nothing new, though. People thought that I was a weirdo. It wasn't my fault that I have these weird powers. Every time that I get a vision, I always look off into the distance. I had a vision once in class, and I guess word got around the school and now they think I'm a weirdo. I can feel Aisha's emotions as she looks at me. She was full of concern and worry. No one ever worries about me like Aisha does. 
"Are you sure?" She asked, cocking her head. She was starting to have some anger bubbling up, and I bobbed my head. I didn't want her doing anything stupid. I was used to the jokes. To the stares, and to the insults.
"Of course I am okay," I said when she still didn't look convinced. "Oh look we are at school!"
I quickly ran off the bus, saying a quick goodbye to my friends. I don't know why but I felt like I NEEDED to get inside the school.
Just before I made it to the front doors I tripped, falling into someone.
"Are you okay," they asked, gripping my arms to make sure I didn't fall.
"Yeah, yeah. Sorry for banging into you," I muttered as I looked up to see who I had banged into. When my eyes met his chocolate brown ones I was suddenly scared for my life.
"Oh its okay. My names Joshua and I am a bit new. Do you think you could show me around," he said as he smiled at me. 
My eyes widened when I thought I saw large white fangs. "Um... Yeah sure," I said quickly. "Come on."
I felt safe, and even scared for my life, when I was near him as I started to walk forward. I stopped a bit, looking at Joshua as his eyes scanned the school. If I was honest to myself, I'd say he was cute. No, cute didn't fit. He was gorgeous. His dark, brown hair fell lightly over his eyes, he had the most amazing smile. Any girl would die to be his girlfriend. Though, in the pit of my stomach, something told me to be afraid of him. 
"What class do you have first period?" I asked him, deciding to be friendly. I thought I saw his eyes flash red, and I shivered. 
"Ms. Bensen," he said without hesitation.
"Oh. I have that to," I said quietly, trying to not let my fear show.
"Cool," he said, smiling that smile I was starting to be terrified of.
"Anyway lets go..." We walked in silence for a few minutes.
"I never really got your name," he said.
"Um... Its... Um," I looked at him confused. It seemed like I had forgotten my name.
"Aurora. Your names Aurora."
"How did you know that?! You haven't been stalking me have you?!"
Joshua laughed. "Of course not. I just heard about you from my friend Abigael."
"Ah one of my ex best friends... So she told you about Aurora the Prophet," I said annoyed, using the name people often called me. "Is that why you want to talk to me?? You wanted to learn more about the biggest freak in school?"
"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Joshua gushed, shaking his head, all signs of amusement gone. "I'm not like that." 
"Oh, your not?" I countered, angered enough. What did he think I was? I know what people said. I wasn't stupid. "Then why do you even want to waist your time?" I growled, and decided that this guy wasn't worth my time to show around. I started walking faster when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Thanks, but no thanks. Now, if you ex-" I started to say, backing up. He growled, pushing me up against the lockers and whispered in my ear.
"You're making this very hard for me missy.." He sneered, and I saw a glimpse of his fangs. I blinked, shuddering as I felt his breath against my skin. 
"Wh-What are you?" I stammered, my voice soft and filled with fear. 
"That's not important right now," He answered me, not releasing me from his grasp.
I closed my eyes tightly, knowing that I did not want to try to break away.
"Now how about you take me to the courtyard," he said.
I opened my eyes, glancing at his blood red ones.
"Okay," I said weakly. He released one of my arms after shooting a quick glare my way. "Don't try and escape, okay?"
I didn't answer him, I just continued to led him to the courtyard. Just as we reached the doors he released my arm, going to upon the door.
He didn't even notice when I took off. By the time he noticed I was already half way down the long crowded hallway.
"Hey! Why the rush?" A heard an familiar voice, and spun around to see another one of my friends named Bryant. I wasn't really popular. I just had a few best friends that I always hung out with. 
I just shrugged, smiling weakly at my friend as the crowd dissipated. "I have to meet Mayla down at our locker." I lied, and Bryant's eyes raised in suspicion. 
"Oh?" He quirked an eyebrow, chuckling.
"Uh huh," I said as I glanced nervously behind me. Joshua was now walking quickly, but calmly toward me.
"I need to go. First period starts soon and like I said I need to go meet Mayla... Bye," I said quickly and ran off down the hall. I had to get away from Joshua and the only way to do that was to get out of the school building.
"Aurora Gray! What are you doing?" I froze in my tracks as I heard an older voice, and turned around to see Dr. Morison standing behind me, hands on her hips. 
"Uhh. I was...Uh..." I stammered, not able to come up with an excuse why. The hallways were fading away and I didn't see Joshua. I sighed in relief. "I was heading to Ms. Benson's class," I told her with a weak smile. 
"Shouldn't you be going the other way?" She asked me, her tone was strict. 
"Yes... But I... Um..." What should I sa- OH! "I left something outside!"
Dr. Morison narrowed her eyes. "Alright. Go get it. I will be watching you though," she said suspiciously. Dr. Morrison may be strict but she could be nice.
"Thank you," I said in relief as I walked towards the front doors. I wasn't stopped by any other teachers.
"You have five minutes, Ms. Grey. Five minutes," Dr. Morison told me as she settled on a bench.
"Kay," I said quietly as I walked outside.
I heard an evil laughter as I walked outside and the next thing I know I was on the ground, fighting to stay conscious. Standing over my was Joshua. That last thing I heard before I blacked out was, "You thought you could escape didn't you?"

It's not dirty, I'm telling you.
I probably won't continue this.

A Harbinger's Luck


I didn't know why this one was so hard to control.
Most of the others that I've marked have been more easily distracted. I take good pride in my persuasion skills. And my dark skin, dark hair
and icy blue eyes normally attract the females. 
I placed Aurora in the back of my car, careful not to wake her up. She wasn't dead. She was my mark - my mate. Let's just say that I had a hard time with them. 
Even though Aurora was the hardest to control she was the easiest to capture. It usually took me months to capture girls like her but it only took me a day.
"That's because her Guardian wasn't with her and she doesn't know anything about her powers," I told myself as I jumped into the front seat. I just sat there, wondering where I would take her. Usually I had everything planned out but today I didn't know what I was going to do...
I started my car, not even bothering with the seat belt. I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the highway. 
I could feel Aurora's soft breathing and smiled to myself. She was such a beauty. One of the prettiest, and the first Harbinger that I've ever marked on.
Every once and a while I would turn back to look at her. Once I could control her she would be the perfect mate. I may even try to keep her alive for a while.
I smiled as I pulled up to a seemingly empty mansion. My father, the head of the Council of Demons, had taken this from a human family who used to serve us. People now considered this place haunted and perhaps it was haunted. The ghosts of my dead mates may still be haunting these walls but I doubted that since I had never seen a single ghost.
I stopped the car fully and parked it next to a big 'ol jeep. Dad had lived in this mansion for hundreds of years. Of course, I was fifty years younger then him. He was good on the eyes, my ma had once said. I chuckled to myself. 
"Wh-" An angelic voice asked, and I looked back to see her stirring awake. "Where am I?!"
"My house." I answered simply. Smiling.
"But... You... We were..." she said confused, trying to remember what happened. She then looked at me with horror.
Before she could even speak I climbed into the back, placing my hand over her mouth. "I don't care if no one else is here. Don't scream," I said threateningly. I knew my eyes were glowing a terrifying bloody red.
She nodded, her eyes wide in fear.
I removed my hand slowly, before climbing out of the car. She started screaming at me as soon as I got out of the car.
I sighed and rubbed my temple. She was stubborn. She'd be a fun ride. 
I rolled out a washcloth and tied it around her mouth before picking her up bridle style. She mumble under the washcloth, some words I knew weren't nice. I hauled her inside the mansion. Griffith; our butler, was there in flat second. "Master, that's not the right way to invite a mistress into the mansion."
"I'm not inviting her in though. I am kidnapping her," I simply said.
"Excuse me master but didn't your father say you can not kidn-"
"My father doesn't care!" I snapped at him.
"Now Griffith take her up to her room. And please keep the door LOCKED. Last time you didn't one of the girls escaped and I was forced to kill her." I added the last part just to scare Aurora. I rarely had to kill the girls I had marked.
Griffith silently took Aurora and placing her on the ground to let her walk. I hated it when he did that but he cared more about my mates then I did. He treated them like actual people when I didn't.
As I watched Griffith bring Aurora up to my room, I walked into the kitchen where my dad and his mate Flora were sitting. I nodded to them, sitting on the couch while they had the loveseat. 
"Josh, what did I tell you about kidnapping girls?" Dad had said, hugging Flora closer to him as she giggled, placing her head on his shoulder. I silently wished I had that, but like I said before, I wasn't good with mates.
"You said that if I need to it is accepted," I replied.
"And did you need to kidnap that girl?"
I didn't look at my father as I said why it was needed. "She was running from me, Father. If I didn't catch her I would be forced to find another mate and you know what happens to demons when they are forced to do that."
"Yes if a non-pure blooded demon finds a different then that mate he marked he sometimes goes crazy..."
"Exactly! That is why I kidnapped her!"
My father sighed, shaking his head. "Son, I know I did that many years ago. I wasn't good with relationships either. Kidnapping is NOT going to help you're case, Josh." He told me sternly, standing up. 
"But dad-" I tried, but he interrupted me. 
"I don't want you're excuses, Joshua Micheal Addams," My dad snapped, his eyes going red when they do when he's made. I haven't mastered that, yet. My eyes flash red, but he can keep them his natural color without them going red. He can also hide his fangs well. 
"Dad I ha-"
"That is enough Joshua."
"But listen! She is a har-"
"I said enough," he said loudly, close to losing control. Flora flinched a bit but still stayed close to my father.
"LISTEN! Dad she is a Harbinger! I couldn't have her fall in love with me normally like you do with your mates!"
My dad looked at me, suddenly calm. "A Harbinger? Interesting. That could be very helpful... Maybe it was a good thing that you kidnapped her... Let me just go talk to your mate, son. I want to make sure she was worth all the trouble you are going to have to deal with," he said as he left the room, leaving Flora behind.
Flora looked over at me, smiling. "Want some tea?" She asked, cocking her head as she walks over to the kitchen. 
"No thanks," I replied, biting my lip as I looked off to where dad had gone. I hope he doesn't do anything bad to her. I actually like this one, and wanted to do a good job at keeping her safe. Since her guardian was doing a bad job of it. But I wouldn't tell anyone that. 
"You're father's an interesting man," Flora complimented as she grabbed pitcher and poured water into it. 
"Mmhm," I muttered under my breath. 
"Jacob is also very intelligent and lucky. If you hadn't marked and kidnapped that Harbinger he wouldn't be able to do anything about his latest plan. She won't be much use to anyone after his plan is completed though. She may actually die and-"
"She may what!?"
"Oh your father needs her to help with his plan. I am not sure what the plan is though... He was talking about needed a Harbinger. I hope that girl complies with his demands though... If she doesn't... Well you know about your father's anger issues don't you?"
I ran out of the room before Flora could say anything else. I needed to make sure Aurora was safe because she definitely wouldn't listen to my father.
As I reached the staircase I heard angry yells from my father and Aurora's painful screams.

Chapter 2

Dear Reader,
Okay. Apparently Jake wants to tell this part. Let me just hand the pager over to him and-
Hey. Jake here. Yeah, yeah. I said that. I did that. But the thing that matters is that I was joking. I wasn’t gonna do anything to her! Joking, people. Joking. Now, let’s get going! 

Time: 9:17 on the Monday of February 14
Location: Northern Hills High School, 3rd Floor Hallway, Locker 309
I had her pinned to the door of my locker, close enough for me to kiss her. I actually had the urge to do it. Kiss her, I mean. Her lips were right in front of me, soft and ready for me to plant one on ‘em. I’m proud of the self-control I showed there, because, guess what? I didn’t kiss her. Oh, I wanted to all right. I practically needed to. But I didn’t. And that’s what matters.
[Don’t give me that look, Belle! I’m just being honest.]

I let go of her and laughed a bit. “You shoulda’ seen your face!”
“That wasn’t funny!” she cried out, her cheeks still bright red.
“Most girls would fall all over themselves to get at me. But not you!” I chuckled.
“You had me scared there!”
“Aw, come on!” I smiled at her and grabbed my bag. “Hey, since we’re already late, why don’t we hang out in the basement?”
She picked up her things and nodded. “Sure.”
We strolled down the hall, chomping on our sweets and talking about music.
“I don’t know about the reunion tour. I mean, the Rolling Stones are great, but it’s been years since they performed together!” she chewed on a gummy worm, waving her hands animatedly.
I was only half-listening as I checked her out. Belle is the kind of girl with a natural beauty that you don’t really notice until she’s up close. With caramel colored eyes and long, chestnut curls, she could be a model. She’s average height, but also very fit from her constant running around. Sometimes, I try to find a flaw in her appearance, but all I can think of is her chin. It’s too pointy.
[Ouch! Why’d you punch me? That hurt, you know!]
And she always puts together killer outfits. Today, she was sporting a white tanktop with a red button-down shirt over it. The front was open, revealing an army-style tag necklace. Her jeans were black and fit her perfectly. A pair of faded, red Converse All-Stars were what she wore on her feet. Marker doodles covered the toe of one of them, and the other one had a song she was working on. To most it would look like a random mix of music notes, but I understood it.
“Huh? Did you say something?” I shook my head, trying to focus.
“Um, I was talking about the Rolling Stones’ reunion tour…” 
“Oh, I, uh… Wasn’t really paying attention.”
“Obviously,” she rolled her eyes, but the corners of her mouth turned up in a smile.
“I was thinking about the new Blood Song album,” I lied. “And warheads.”
“Warheads? The candy?” she raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah. In Marcus’s letter, he said you were ‘as sweet as a bag of warheads’.”
“Warheads are so sour it hurts. But only in the beginning! After a while, they become sweet!”
“I guess…” she smiled to herself, and I knew I had made her happy.
“Just like you!” I elbowed her gently and reveled in her laugh.
“Wow!” she pointed out the window. “It’s snowing! Look!”
“You’re right,” I crossed the hall to look at the courtyard. “This is a lot for February.”
We stood next to one another for a few minutes, watching the flakes float down and coat the entire town in a thick layer of white cotton.
She turned around quickly. “Let’s head downstairs. I wanna work on something.”
“What?” I put an arm on her shoulder, teasing her.
“I’m trying to learn Eric Clapton’s ‘Layla’,” she shrugged out from under me and stuck out her tongue.
“Hm. That’s a hard one,” I mused. “The riff or the song? Or both?”
“Mostly the riff, but I want to be able to perform both at once.”
We had reached the basement. It was our “secret hideout”.  When Carson and I discovered it and realized its acoustics were the best in the entire school we immediately set up camp. After Belle moved here last year, we realized that she was musician and invited her to join us in our band.
Belle crossed to her guitar, a 1969 vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom, and plugged it into the main amp. She glanced down at the strings and began to tune it, her face was full of concentration and I knew better than to bother her when she was like this. Instead, I leaned back on the old sofa and closed my eyes.
Why can’t it always be like this? I wondered. Simple. Uncomplicated. Peaceful.
She plucked a few strings, testing them. With a satisfactory nod she began to play.
“What'll you do when you get lonely and nobody's waiting by your side?” her voice was quiet, but it seemed to fill the room with a presence that could only be achieved by true musicians. 

Suddenly, I realized that I could see my breath in front of me. Steamy clouds came from both of our mouths, the way it does when you go outside on a winter morning.
“B- Belle?” I called out to her. “Are you cold?”
“Hm?” she glanced up, a bit pissed that I had interrupted her.
“I asked ‘are you cold’?”
“Now that you mention it…” a shiver ran up her spine. “It’s really, really, really cold.”
“So it’s not just me?”
“Let’s check the thermometer,” she said as she put down her guitar and crossed over to the thermostat. “It’s- Holy shit!”
“I- it’s… Thirty degrees!”
“Fahrenheit or Celsius?” I asked.
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