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The infographic about DNS server in this post will provide you great info about DNS

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Hello friends how are you?

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Take control of the PC laptop computer repairing costs ourselves!
No worry of the unknown prices to get our no POST no Boot no video display computers to work again.

All we need is a nice set of starter kit.
Install and power on to auto scan the computer for the faulty parts.
Very cost and time effective.
Step by step guide prepared from 20 years computer hardware field professional.

Hope this helps.
Senior IT Consulting & Computer Tech Support Manager, WPTinc.


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How to quick check our faulty laptops ourselves?

Please see this video:

Hope this helps,
Senior IT Consulting & Tech Support Manager, WPTinc.
#computer #motherboard #diagnostic #repair

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How to open cmd on windows 10
Launch The Command Prompt From The Run Window. One of the quickest ways to launch the Command Prompt is to use the Run window (press Win+R on your keyboard to open it). Then, type cmd or cmd.exe and press Enter or click/tap OK.

Make a backup using iCloud
Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
In iOS 8 or later, tap Settings > iCloud > Backup. ...
Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on.
Tap Back Up Now. ...
Make sure the backup finished by tapping Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage, and then select your device.
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