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Hey, is this still alive?

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The Values of Innocent Life
The Values of Innocent Life

Captain: "Stay in line!"
Officer: "Yes sir!"
Y/N: "I'm not afraid of a angry crowd!"
Me: looks nervous

The crowd starts to charge at the riot control, and they start throwing rock and hitting the shields with metal pipes and hammers. You were on my left and then the caption told the trucks to fire the tear gas and then shots of bullets hitting the shields and trucks, the crowd started to throw molotovs at the riot control.... They starts to push through

Captain: "Retreat!"
everyone ran to the trucks but me and you got cut off and the rest left without us

wer hid in a ally way that's when you...
(Male needed please state your name)

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+Moritz Henn
I stand by my case.

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Name: Moritz Henn
Age: 31
Rank: private first class
Job: GSG9 Operative
Country: Germany
Weapons: P99, kriss vector/G36c
Bio: im about ruhsing Into buildings behinderte the shield guys. Im a Bomb expert had a Bomb squad Training.
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Name: Elias Kotz
Age: 36
Rank: Chief Constable
Job: GSG9 Operative, Riot Control
Country: Germany
Weapons: P12, G52 Tactical Flash Shield
Bio: Known for his tendency to use humor to diffuse stressful situations, Kötz is the first to rush a barricade and is always willing to place the team's safety over his own. He rejects the concept that his deeds are in any way heroic, as he feels it is his duty and will become self-effacing when met with overt praise.
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Jacob and Elise sit in their apartment trying to figure out how to work out their heist plan when they hear their buzzer so Elise goes over to the door and answers it*
(Elise) Hello?

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Name:Edward Carnby
Job:Undercover DEA Agent(Former),Detective(Former),Undercover Detective
Rivals:Criminals around these part of town
Weapons:Model 1911 and a Tommy Gun,going old style
Bio:I was a Commander for the US Army,until i had to go home because of my sister's illness.I was 18 when i started War.So it took me 1 year to find out about this.I decided to join the Police Force to make some money for my sister's medication.She died 2 days ago...all the money i had went to the Funeral.So i made some money by boxing.I was pretty good at boxing in Army.I was the World Champion and won the grand price of 100K.I got a promotion as a Detective in L.A.Of course i went to LA,started my work in Traffic for 4 years,Homicide 2 years and i worked in Vice for as long as i can remember.My career had to end in Jail for i don't know reason.Until someone from the DEA released me and assigned me as a Undercover DEA Agent in Mexico.Killed drug dealers and even worse.A betrayer who worked for Papa Muerte.Now my job is to find and eliminate Papa Muerte

Name:Luka Makenzie
Rivals:Edward Carnby
Weapons:Glock and M4A1
Bio:I don't wanna talk about my life
Car:Just a regular Ferrari.Anything i can grab for catch.
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