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Hello and Welcome to the Honourable OSR.
It's a place to talk about old school and open source role-playing games and the society of people who play them.

+ An explicit goal of this community is to improve the greater OSR, which has grown distressingly regressive and tolerant of hateful voices. We will do this by setting a positive example, coordinating active efforts to promote inclusive voices, opposing the presence of aggressors anywhere in the hobby and urging audiences away from venues that accommodate them.

+ Of course, this community is also still just a space to talk about elf-games, too.

+ You may wonder, "why bother with a new G+ community when the whole venue is shutting down in less than year?" Well, because Plus is still fully active for the time being, people are still making connections here, and the act is still worthwhile as a statement.

Administration of This Community is Active and Vigilant. Unlike other G+ communities, the mods here will take the initiative and step in on behavior that flaunts the following rules.

This Space Will Not Tolerate Harassment. No hate-speech, no "freeze peach," no glorious individuality unto assholery, no gas-lighting, no trolling, no edge-lording, no bullying, no mocking other people's expectations of fundamental rights.

This Space Will Be Kept Safe For Women. Do not post pictures of sexualized, unclad, infantilized or threatened females. Do not post material that depicts the explicit victimization of women. Do not make stereotypical statements about women.

No Artillery Strikes. Do not use this community to launch anonymous aggression against people who aren't here. That's cheap and frankly makes this community look petty. If you're going to mention someone by name, choose your words as if they were in the room with you. That's not to say you can't criticize or call out people for bullshit; please do. But aim for a more sophisticated tone than school kids swapping insults in the playground about their least favorite teacher.

Joesky Tax. Back in the golden age of OSR blogs, there was an informal rule that any navel-gazing posts had to be paid for with actual game content to justify the readers' time spent there. If you babbled about your garden troubles, you'd include a new monster, that sort of thing. The version here is, if you make a post about the politics of the community or the antics of of a person, you've got to make a balancing separate post with something gameable. A monster, a rule idea, a link to a neat publication deserving attention, even just a cool picture. [this rule only applies to full posts, not comments.]

* Every account applying for membership in this community first gets skimmed for any red flags indicating they aren't compatible with the above expectations. Accounts that have blocked the moderators will not be admitted, and any members that block moderators after admission will be removed.
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Episode 65 - Saturday Scrawl #11 - Call In Catch Up And Update

First call ins about two prior episodes and what's going on that I skipped the last Tuesday and Thursday podcasts

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Merry Christmas everyone! In this episode Vince, Matt and Nick sit down and talk about a game called Four Against the Darkness, a Solitaire dungeon-delving pen-and-paper game, how it works and then talk about a free adventure called Four Against Krampus,…

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The Incantation of Destruction left the Ruined Wastes and rips in reality to the Negative Plane. They're getting larger. Another #3Hexes #ThreeHexes campaign starter for your #dnd #rpg game!

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Each of these conditions should be important to modeling issues of survival in harsh environments, but mechanics for them are usually much more complicated than I would ever enjoy as a player or as a referee.

Making conditions simply occupy inventory slots is a meaningful, appropriate mechanic, and you could really just stop there, but I added a bit more for some conditions.

Fatigue, Soaked, Cold, Overheated, Starvation, Famishment, and Thirst use 1 Inventory slot each.

More in the link.

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Ever wanted to run a game in the style of a Norse-Saga? Here's how.

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I haven't watched this yet but it looks solid.

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I think it's safe to post this here.

Turn 6
Location: Room 1

Majority Action from turn 4:
Is there any particular smell coming from the draft? From the roots?
I'd take the shortsword and poke at the nearest root. If it doesn't react, I'd cut a piece to inspect it more closely, then start walking down the tunnel.

You draw your short-sword and take several careful steps into the tunnel. The draft is more noticeably warm now, with a slight bitter odor to it. Tapping the nearest pale yellow root, it’s outer layer is tough, but the inner substance is soft and yielding, like porridge being pushed under a cloth. Like any normal root, it doesn’t respond to your inspection.

Pressing the subject more forcefully, you thrust the blade firmly into the center of the root … and scramble out of the way when a gout of sulphur-yellow sap jets out of the incision, spraying nearly to the opposite side of the tunnel. Worse is the blast of smell, an enveloping caustic vapor that sets you retching and floods your eyes with tears. You stumble backward, bouncing blindly off the walls until you fall into the entrance chamber.

You spend many long moments coughing your lungs clear, then scramble for your water bottle to wash out your eyes and mouth. Fortunately the effects of the noxious vapor are temporary, but only now do you realize you dropped your sword in the scramble. Casting your reddened eyes down the tunnel, you see your main weapon where it fell under the root, glued to the floor by the now hardened strands of sap. On the plus side, the cut you made looks to have sealed over and the air has cleared.

You are in a circular natural chamber about 50' in diameter. You are on the side next to an opening into a natural tunnel. On the opposite side is an old but solid-looking wooden door. In the center of the chamber is a vertical fissure leading back to the surface. A broken rope hangs down the fissure, its end ten feet above you.

You bear the following conditions:

* Battered
* Amnesic

You have the following notable items:

* A dagger
* A Glowstone
* The seventh traveling journal of Tethy Elavost
* A silk-wrapped corn poppy
* A pencil
* A satchel
* Two candles
* Matches
* A bottle of water (half-full)
* Three meals
* 2 envelopes of unidentified paste
* A disturbing iron flask

What do you do next?

Whichever choice is suggested in the comments the most and/or gets the most +1’s will decide the character’s actions next turn.
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