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Let's see if this reflects our experiences! ;o)
How to Begin With Google+ A Blueprint to Your First Month On Google Plus!

Good evening guys!! is my latest infographic :-)

I've seen a few people complaining Google+ Is a Ghost Town. Well, it definitely can be one; but it is not. Google+ is not the same social interface people are familiar with. That confuses people and they tend to give up, blaming the platform. 

But if you know how to use it, no other social platform can come anywhere near to the potential of it. And here is a wonderful blue print, a beginners guide from the most reliable source, i.e. from Martin Shervington to help you use Google+ perfectly :-)

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Fantastic, easy-to-digest hints and tips

Navigating around this community.

How do you find the list of discussions to join in?  I am finding this interface just a bit overwhelming with lots of boxes to look at and to scroll down.  If it was a big community then it would take a lot of scrolling to see all the active discussions.

How does it differ to LinkedIn communities?

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Did any of you notice this from Google this week. It could have a real impact if it takes off e.g. MOOC tutoring services

For authors it could mean a new income stream if readers wanted to discuss the content face to face. So many possibilities.

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These could be useful teaching tools... Has anyone used any of them already?

A very late arrival, sorry I have just added the minimum of information to the profile to get up and running. First impression is that I like the interface, it looks clear and inviting. However I wonder why it is feels a bit like tumbleweed blowing by. When I look at the other friends and colleagues who I can see have accounts on here they all seem to have started one, posted a little, most have then been neglected with a few occasionally popping back to see if there is anything happening. The community groups look to have quite small numbers compared to other social media.
So initially is seems like a really good idea which hasn't really taken off as perhaps it should. Or is that not the case? I have seen posts in twitter of an occasional Hangout. 
Good to give it a try - thanks Flea

Hi, sorry I am a bit late to the Google+ party this week! Flea, thank you for the gentle nudge :) I have had this account for a while and while I use Google Drive a lot I just haven't felt compelled to engage with Google+ but no time like the present to give it a go :)

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Ever want to leave a comment on a video, but don't need to share it with the entire world? With the new comments system, you can share with a specific person or circle.
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Ok Ive just taken the plunge and created a new circle @Learning Development' to which I have added people in this group and will add more names later. Still not sure what are the benefits over eg following them on Twitter but baby steps!
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