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Today Bad baby Asha hypnotize her father with fidget spinner. this is a extreme family fun video.
Asha scribbled all the wall/radiator with a marker, when daddy saw this, he got upset with this bad act and try to punish Asha.

Bad baby Asha used her fidget spinner and hypnotized her father and made her dad to give her lots of sweets, Fanta, Coca cola, watch cartoons, and finally paying in the rain in the trampoline.

Finally, father fall down in the trampoline and broke his hypnotism and came back to real life. This time father got really upset with all these bad baby act.

We hope you will enjoy this video.

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Today we have a big Fidget spinner challenge, It was a great fun to make this video. We did different challenges and tricks with fidget spinners.

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Please join our you tube channel for family fun. Super crazy family fun
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Super crazy Giant ground shaker dinosaur roaring in the shopping mall || Dinosaurs of china in UK
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