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We are nearly done with Issue #2 for the Pip System Primer, ya'll! If you want to get in on the ground floor, and even help select which themes we'll tackle every quarter, you want to join the Patreon right now!

I recently got my copy of the PIP System and really love it. For the last several years I have exclusively played Savage Worlds.

With that in mind, I have a few questions that I hope the community can help me answer just to make sure things are straight in my mind.

1) How far can you move in an action?

2) Did I read correctly that a player can only take one action a round? What if I want to say draw my pistol and then shoot?

3) With combat, I attack a creature and am opposed by their CR. Then the creature attacks and is opposed by my defense which comprises the black dice for the GG? Is that sequence correct?

Thanks so much . I'm sure I'll have more questions moving forward.

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We’re finally getting work started on Kid’s Guide to Monster Hunting and plan on having it done pretty quickly here. Can’t wait!

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If you want to vote for the next theme for the Pip System Primer, here’s the link!

Thoughts on a Kaijū style (giant monsters, giant robots) game in pip system I’ve been testing.

I wanted two very different power levels (when a 100 foot tall robot punches or shoots something vs when a Norma size person does). So the black and white dice stay the same, but a blue (mega good) and red (mega bad) dice get introduced as well.

Normal scale things, people and cars, use black and white. Giant scale use blue and red. Successes on blue and red count as 3 successes instead of 1. So a person punching a Godzilla monster is rolling 4White vs 6Red, meaning they could possibly lose by 12 successes (with a slim chance of success but even succeeding doesn’t guarantee much damage). Likewise, a giant robot stepping on a small car is rolling 6Blue vs 2Black (maximum 18 successes vs 2). But when a giant vs giant happens (5Blue vs 5 Red) they have a chance of massive damage but just as equal a chance of failing. It’s more swing-y because of 3x modifier, but that makes for some seriously Gonzo action.

It’s a touch more confusing, but we’ve taken to saying “how many Big good do i roll for this” or “how many Big bad?”

Thoughts? Things to try?

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Pip System Primer Issue #1 - Fantasy is the first of our ongoing, quarterly series of expansions for your favorite family-style game! Get your copy here today!

If you want to be part of the creation process, also consider joining our Pip System Primer Patreon as well!

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New expansion for Mermaid Adventures is out! Dark Lands takes you on a tour of the dangerous areas that lurk beyond the borders of Atlantis! Enjoy!

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Woot! Carries have been unlocked! Now, we are reaching for the $8,000 goal of getting this book out for the Pip System! Let's keep spreading the word, people!
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