Hi! Im doing a series and need 5 voice actors!
Olivia: me
Marissa: sassy,msan and is popular
Mackenzie: nice,kind,and shy
Rose (toddler): loves her teddy bear,nice,and cries a lot
Zac: me
Trixie (evil): mean,hates nice girls,has powers
Alyssa: trixie's evil assistant) same personality as trixie
Plz join!

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On YouTube ma friend made a collab channel ill post the link soon
Plz join

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Hi, everyone! I am creating a MEP. It is a singing MEP where the song chosen, and the viewers (joining) will have to sing the part they want.. if they get it >:) Alas, I haven't picked a song yet, so here's a vote on my song choices <3 Be sure to join, so here are the rules:

1. Vote on which song should be part of the MEP <3
2. Wait for the voting to be done and the video to be up. It will  be called,"LPS: MEP (insert song)"
3. Send your part to THIS email (you may post it on YouTube for your subscribers, but leave a link to my channel please)
Email --> goldenlilacgirls@gmail.com
4. Once everyone's parts are in, wait for the final video to upload :D

Don't forget to enter it on the due date!

the song choices are below :D

There was one more song, but the isn't enough room for it. 
Comment "<3" For the song Maps.
votes visible to Public
Poll option image
Fight Song
Bad Blood
Fight Song
Bad Blood

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its for a short film and maybe a music video 
please tell me if your going to enter 
music video
create a 7 sec video of your fav song and give me a link 

short film 
comment why you want to be part of it 

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Hi, I'm just resending this so people know about it, thanks :D
Hi I'm making a LARGE collab. It will be a music video one, but with your music! Create a 7 second entry of your favorite song, no repeats please :D if you want to join in, comment below your favorite and that will be yours, unless it is taken.

EDIT: I will be doing the song "Sekai Wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru" from Ao Haru Ride.

EDIT (again): Once you finish, message me on google hangouts and send me the video :D

EDIT (again again): Please only comment once :D if you have something to say, edit your last comment like how I keep editing my post :D

Hi guys! I currentally need 3 Lps tubers to help me on a Collab. We each make our different parts of the video. (More details WILL be sent to you,If indeed you are chosen)  I'm Making A 3 Song mashup, The theme of the songs will be ... ''POP MUSIC'' (Btw,Before you post your part, PLEASE Tell me what song you are doing, so we can avoid having 2 people do the same song.) Comment below :)

hi everyone

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Who ever made this is so flippin awesone I love this community itd official my fav hey guys dont forget to check out my vids

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Open! (Read description)

Who wants to collab on a Relatable Records Video? It's kind of like a Random Events series. Its supposed to be a comedy about funny things that happen to you in you're daily life, and can be easily related to. However, you must me very good at making comedies, and have a good camera. I can do the editing. Send me your entries please! Just tag me in you're post and comment down below if you sent me it. The people who will be collabing with me will be revealed when a few entries are in.
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